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11 December 2020
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The Perfect Gifts for Men: Making the Impossible Possible

gift giving to a man

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Have you ever just stood there wondering what would be the perfect gift for your amazing husband, recently graduated best friend, best brother in the world or great dad? Choosing a gift for that special man in your life can indeed be challenging, no matter whether you are buying a gift for his birthday, anniversary, graduation, retirement or just because you want to show some love and attention. This is why we have put together a list of gifts that will hopefully help you nail it without any great consequences on your budget. So let’s begin!

gift giving to a man
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A folding pocket knife

Folding pocket knives are a number one practical and very useful tool that every man needs in his life, especially is he is a fan of camping. Some are even made to look stylish and attractive, especially the wooden or ones, so they can also serve as a collectible or even a fashion accessory. There are plenty of options on a budget, as well as fancy ones if you really feel like investing in such gifts for men. If you want to personalise it to add this special touch, you can also consider engraving it.

A wristwatch

Yes, of course we had to include watches on this list as an option for a perfect gift. Giving someone a watch as a gift is like giving him the gift of time; that’s why it’s so special regardless of its price. They are also likely to last long, even a lifetime. There are plenty of brands on the market nowadays that sell watches that look expensive, but are rather affordable. MVMT are one such brand that is popular with men of any age.

A bottle of fine wine or liquor

This is the perfect gift for that man who enjoys a glass of good wine or liquor. It is also a great gift during the holiday season or if you need a last minute solution before going to a party or a birthday dinner. No matter if he is a beginner or expert level drinker, a bottle of fine wine, whiskey or bourbon is surely a gift he is going to love. You think he’s never tried cinnamon flavoured whiskey? Awesome, now is his chance. Or if you don’t want to risk it, just go for a classic – single malt scotch!

A book

Your special man loves books? Why not get him a book on a topic that he is particularly interested in? And we are not talking about novels here. Get him a book that is about his hobby, for example. If he loves to travel, get him a book about a country he’s never been to. If he likes to cook and spend time in the kitchen, why not get him a new cookbook so he can experiment some more? This gift will also show you pay attention to details and it’s a gift rather friendly to your bank account. Just perfect.

A wallet or money clip

Go for a nice wallet for the traditional man who wants to keep not only money, but cards and photos in one place. Opt for a personalised money clip for the minimalist in your life, who wants to get rid of bulky wallets and keep it simple.  Whatever you choose, this gift is a real classic. If you want to add an extra thoughtful touch, go for an RFID blocking wallet – it’ll protect his money from RFID scanners (which are becoming increasingly popular).

Tip: If you or the person you are gifting is superstitious, make sure you put some money in it, even a coin, to ensure good luck for the giftee.


A cotton T-shirt

A basic cotton T-shirt is something he will certainly love and use because it’s comfortable and can be worn with just anything in plenty of occasions. It’s a must in any man’s closet. These T-shirts are usually not expensive or for an extra special touch you gift a personalised one. It can be a simple gift or a very creative one.

A pack of socks

Fact: we all need socks. While this can be a rather boring memory from childhood (a pack of socks under the Christmas tree, remember?), it is a good gift option for any adult man because, just like with plain T-shirts, it is an item that is practical. Men are practical, let’s be honest, so with a pack of socks you are not very likely to go wrong.  

This is one of the two clothing items (and the other one is a tie) through which men can express themselves, i.e. their style and personality. And we already know that a designer pair of socks can add charm to even the most formal business attire. So whether you go with a classic black or grey pair or something funkier with a print, you won’t go wrong.

A belt

An accessory for any season and occasion, belts are also great because usually it’s easier to guess the correct size and they are very easy to shop for. If you aren’t sure about the taste of the person you are gifting, just go for a black or brown leather belt. They are simple and classic, and can be matched with various outfits. Plus, they usually come packed in an elegant gift box, so this makes it a perfect choice for any man.

A tie

Giving him a tie as a present might sound like a cliché. Some would think that you had no idea about what to give, and you decided to put “whatever came to your mind first” as a present. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Opt for a tie in bold colours, materials and textures and if he’s adventurous and likes to experiment with clothes – he’ll definitely love it.


Wooden serving board

Convenient, practical and decorative – a wooden serving board is one of our top kitchen essentials. If you are wondering why it would make a perfect gift for men, let’s just say that this is the perfect tool to help him show off his culinary and serving skills at dinner parties.  And the best thing about it? Cheese platters will never be boring again!

Leather tool roll

Most men really enjoy repairing stuff and working around the house. This is why this practical leather tool roll makes an amazing gift. Not only can they now keep their most used tools all together, but also they don’t have to carry them around in a heavy tool box anymore! Its design is convenient and rolls up easily. Besides, it includes a leather handle, so it can be hung up on the wall.

Long beard kit

Has your man got a beard or a moustache? Does he take good care of it? Let’s be honest, sometimes they tend to forget or simply neglect face skin care. Inspire him to change his morning routine and “invest” in a fabulous, flowing beard. The beard kit usually comes with a face and beard wash, and a beard oil. If you are in the mood to get creative, or save money and control what goes in the beard oil, make it yourself.

Bed linens

Invest in soft, cotton bed linens, and he’ll love it for sure, especially if he has his own apartment. The only thing you have to know when buying linens is the size of the bed. If you are not sure about the colour, don’t worry, you can’t go wrong with shiny white, or dark blue, grey and black tones.

Carry-on Luggage

If he travels a lot, whether it is for a business meeting or any random trip, every man needs a suitcase. If he doesn’t already have one, this basic hardside spinner luggage would be an ideal  and pragmatic gift for him. It’s super convenient for weekend getaways or international flights because it’s cabin approved by most airlines. However, a word of caution, sometimes products offered on Amazon show incorrect dimensions of luggage, or they don’t account for the wheels. The best thing is to either go for a reputable brand or simply enquire in the “Customer questions & answers” if shopping on Amazon. If you want to get him a more fancy suitcase you won’t go wrong with a classic like Samsonite spinner hand luggage.

Reusable smart notebook

A fantastic gift for the man who enjoys the perks of technology. This brilliant notebook combines the classic paper and pen way of writing with the digital age. It’s a reusable notebook which contains pages that you can write on just like paper. Then, you use an app to scan it and directly save it into your cloud-based apps. Bonus credit for you if you give it to a person who lives an eco-friendly life, since this notebook can be used endlessly! He can erase the pages and use them again!

Choosing the perfect gifts for men is now the least of your worries!

No matter the occasion, choosing a gift for a man can sometimes be a difficult challenge. However, finding a unique gift he will certainly love doesn’t have to be hard. We hope that whatever his hobbies, personality or style is, these ideas will make choosing the perfect gift an easy task. From classics, such as a tie or a book, to the coolest new tech accessory, there is a variety of gifts for men for every happening.

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