17 December 2020

Business Travel: Prepare and Make the Most Out of Your Trip

In the era of technology, communicating across different time zones is no news, and it’s become faster than ever. However, when it comes to sealing a […]
16 December 2020
closet space organizer

Declutter Your Home | 10 Closet Organizers for a Neat Home

Whether it’s a tiny apartment, or a spacious house that you live in, storage management can very often be a real challenge. Raise your hand if […]
15 December 2020
woman riding a scooter

Fun Travel Ideas | 12 Practical and Fine Holiday Activities

While on a summer break, it’s easy to get used to a lazy mode where you sit around for days. For those of you who have […]
14 December 2020

10 Practical & Fine Outdoor Plants for the Garden of Your Dreams

Live plants are an amazing way to liven up any outdoor space. If you are asking why, the answer is pretty simple. They are practical, very […]
13 December 2020
foodie woman enjoying eating her food

A Foodie or an Eater – Do You Pass the Foodie Test?

With the takeover of delicious food and entertainment shows on social media and TV, it’s no surprise that many of us spend more and more time […]
12 December 2020
gift giving to a man

The Perfect Gifts for Men: Making the Impossible Possible

Have you ever just stood there wondering what would be the perfect gift for your amazing husband, recently graduated best friend, best brother in the world […]
11 December 2020
woman giving a gift to another woman

Gifts for Her: 10 Ideas for the Perfect Gift

Finding the perfect gifts for her – a friend, girlfriend, mother or daughter may sometimes seem to be the trickiest and most difficult thing to do. […]
10 December 2020
woman pinching her nose

9 Best Odor Eliminators for a Smell-Free Home

Do you feel that your home doesn’t smell as good as it looks? You have to agree that bad home odors can make even the most […]
9 December 2020
kitchen essentials - rustic kitchen interior

Kitchen Essentials You Can’t Live Without

Keeping a well-organized kitchen can sometimes be overwhelming. There is a great variety of products on the market nowadays. This is why it can be very […]
8 December 2020
Woman traveling with a Beetle car - Nahariyya Israel

8 Best Travel Spots for Solo Holidays

If you are an adventurist, or simply want to find out who you are in new surroundings, travelling solo is the best opportunity for that. Even […]
7 December 2020
Organised kitchen with a kitchen island

Maximizing Space: How to Best Organize Kitchen Cabinets

The key to finding pleasure in cooking is having a well-organized kitchen. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, keeping your kitchen organized can […]
6 December 2020
Practical and fine - Garden in the city with a gazebo

How to Transform Your Backyard Into a Little Piece of Heaven

Spring is here, and with the joyful weather upon us, people are already headed to their backyards to enjoy the beautiful scent of waking blooms and […]
5 December 2020
Bird friendly balcony or garden - Bird bath

How to Create a Bird Friendly Backyard or Balcony

Who said you need to drive for hours to the countryside to enjoy the perks of wildlife? Sometimes, living in the city doesn’t always give us […]
4 December 2020
simple urban garden balcony

Urban Gardens | How to Make the Most Out of Your Balcony

We all enjoy the serenity and beauty of gardens and parks. Yet for some of us, city dwellers, it is not always easy to have a […]
2 December 2020
Zero-waste packaging

Eco-Friendly Living and Loving it: The Zero waste Trend

Zero-waste way of living has taken the world by storm. Terms like biodegradable, plastic-free, plant-based, compostable and reusable seem to pop up from everywhere. Stores have […]
1 December 2020
picture of ancient ruin taken by a tourist

Carrying Your House in a Suitcase: The Pragmatic Traveller

Travelling and tourism has become one of the world’s largest industries with millions of tourists and a global economic contribution of over 7.6 trillion U.S. dollars […]
30 November 2020
Messy floor

The Surprising Benefits of Cleaning Your Home

Probably nothing can affect your mood as much as the environment you spend most of your time in. That’s why cleaning the house might not be […]
29 November 2020
Dinner Party Hors dOeuvres

The Practical Guide to Hosting a Dinner Party

Hosting a dinner party is probably one of the best ways to create a special connection with people in your life and to grow your network. […]