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Kitchen Essentials You Can’t Live Without

kitchen essentials - rustic kitchen interior

Photo by Le Creuset

Keeping a well-organized kitchen can sometimes be overwhelming. There is a great variety of products on the market nowadays. This is why it can be very hard to know which tools are considered as kitchen essentials, and what you might use only once in a while. So, we gathered a list of kitchen essentials that will make spending time in your kitchen a joyous experience!

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Is there anything I need to do before going on a hunt for kitchen essentials?

Sometimes people spend years and years purchasing and piling new, often unnecessary kitchen items. Before they know it, they are drowning in kitchen clutter. It might take some time to get used to the idea that you don’t actually need those chipped plates and a second veggie peeler in your drawer.

The key to a well-organized, convenient kitchen is perfecting what we use in it, and simplifying to items that are both neutral and fit our lifestyle. That is why the first step is going drawer by drawer through the kitchen. This way you will have a clear picture of the exact items you own,  and whether you need them or not. Next: purchase the rest.

Tip: You don’t have to opt for the fanciest thing on the market. Go for the one that works well for the “everyday” cook.

kitchen essentials - wooden spoons
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Let’s dive in! Time to find out what are the kitchen essentials every cooking area needs.

We broke this list into a few categories to make it easier for you:


It might seem like a lot as you read it, but believe us when we say that you need great tools to get a great job done, especially if you cook on a daily basis. Some people say that good cooking tools are what matters most in creating healthy food of good quality. You probably have most of them in your kitchen. However, here are our suggestions:

  • A set of knives – one of the basics. Any kitchen needs three basic types of knives. A Chef’s knife will do most of your cutting, a serrated knife for cutting bread and a paring knife for smaller items. You can buy these separately, or opt for a knife block that has all of them.
  • Cutting boards – What would go along better with your new, stainless steel knives than some cutting boards? They come in a great variety. Wooden cutting boards are great for cutting vegetables, while plastic are better for proteins.
  • Measuring cups and spoons – Preparing the mixture for your favourite dessert without measuring cups and spoons can turn out to be a mess. That is why you need them. Opt for ones that are easy to store and wash.
  • Can opener Opt for a 3 in 1: can opener, jar lid opener and a bottle lever and very easy to use! It’s sturdy, large enough and easy to handle, without the danger of hurting yourself.
  • Masher – a must-have if you love mashed potatoes or other veggies, or your kids are still toddlers.
  • Mortar and pestle – an excellent tool for crushing and grinding. Nothing tastes better than a homemade dressing or pesto!
  • Salt and pepper grinder – no need for introduction! But consider if you want a manual or an electric mill set. Each one of them come with their pros and cons.
  • Stainless steel mixing bowls – try mixing a cake without them! Since they come in various different materials, we prefer the ones made out of stainless steel. They are easy to wash and last long.
  • A set of spoons for different purposes – whether you need them for spaghetti, sauce or to turn over the omelette for breakfast, this set of spoons will come very handy.
  • Rolling pin – if you are a fan of a home made bread or pastries, you already consider a wooden rolling pin as one of the most important kitchen essentials
  • Basting brush – an essential tool used while grilling, cooking and baking. Spread oil, butter and juice all over the meat with this brush and enjoy it’s soft and moist texture.  


When you choose and purchase glass items, there is one simple rule: choose glasses that would be simple to replace in case they break. However, if you enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail once in a while, don’t be cruel to yourself and go ahead and invest in a nice set of glasses. As for the rest of glassware, here are a few ideas:

  • Wine glasses – This set is fantastic for everyday use, especially because they are easily replaceable. And if you are true wine connoisseur, you know that a true enjoyment of any grape depends on the glass it’s served in.  
  • Cocktails glasses – you might want to consider investing in cocktail glasses if you often host home parties, or simply want to enjoy a nice cocktail during warm starry nights with your friends


The market offers an enormous variety of serveware items, and your choices here depend on how many people you usually cook for. Besides, you might want to  have a few extra serving items, in case you decide to host a dinner party or simply celebrate your birthday at home. Some of the following items may seem unnecessary to you, but they will really come in handy on your next dinner party. And believe it or not, you will wonder why you haven’t invested in them before.

  • Serving boards – they are at the top of our serveware list of kitchen essentials because of their convenience. Opt for one in an original shape and polished look and serving food will never be boring again! Great for a cheese platter, combined with dry fruits or nuts. Let your imagination run wild.
  • Medium and large serving bowls – We feel like bowls in different sizes are an  essential asset to your cooking area. Invest in bowls which are microwave, oven, dishwasher and freezer safe. A set of white porcelain bowls is a classic, but if you like to play with colours, you can always go for bowls in colourful patterns.
  • Cheese knives – perhaps they aren’t such an essential, but will most certainly come in very handy and convenient when you serve that cheese platter.
  • Large serving dish – Its quality and material makes this platter a kitchen essential. Plus, any type of food served on it would look mouthwatering.
  • Butter knife – other than being used as a kitchen utensil for spreading butter on bread, this knife can be used as an iced spoon, mixing spoon and sundae spoon as well!
  • Salad servers – usually come in a pair, as they make tossing and mixing salads super easy.
  • Water Filter Pitcher – No kitchen is complete without a water filter pitcher. Make sure you change the filter regularly so your water is always fresh and purified.


Many would agree that linens play an essential role in creating a great kitchen. More and more people decide to ditch paper towels and opt for their eco-friendly alternative. Plus it will positively affect your home budget. You can choose between a huge variety, so we suggest going for cotton towels and napkins which will suit all your kitchen needs and wash up well afterwards.

  • Kitchen towels – besides being eco-friendly and reusable, these towels are super absorbent and quick drying. This means that they are resistible to bacteria and that bad odor towels get after a short use.
  • Napkins – you might want to consider investing in a few different colours for different occasions and festivities.
  • Coasters – they are heat resistant, which means no wooden surface would be affected. Plus, they come in a variety of colours, so you can match them with any part of your kitchen, living room or eating area.
  • Oven mitts and pot holder they are a must for any person who decides to prepare a hot meal. Now you can get anything hot from the oven or stove without the fear of burning yourself.


You don’t have to be a professional chef to know that the quality of a good meal partly depends on the choice of cookware. That is why we gathered a short list of the most important kitchen essentials related to cooking and baking.

Tip: When buying cookware, make sure you are aware and careful with chemicals and aluminium, as they will transfer during the heating process of cooking.

  • Frying pan – it can be used for all of your entertaining needs. Whether it’s a veggies, meat, or simply garlic knots, you’ll love this pan! And the best thing is that cleanup is super easy, thanks to the pan’s non-stick surface.
  • Muffin pan – we just can’t think of a better pan for baking cupcakes and muffins. And you don’t have to stop there. The truth is, many meals sound more fun when they come in a smaller size, at least for kids.
  • Deep round cake or pie pan perfect for everything from breakfast bread loaves to cheesecakes and quiches. Besides, it has a removable bottom, so you can make sure your baked goods are always going to come out perfectly!
  • A set of nonstick pots and pans –  of course, you can go for pans and pots from different stores, or invest in a cookware set. This set from Amazon is great, as it has a heat-resistant glass lid, so you can watch your meal while cooking.
  • Baking sheet – Baking cookies and large sheet cakes has never been easier! Go for a durable, non-stick one.


Cooking at home can be very satisfying. But what happens when we end up with leftovers and need certain things to store food? We must admit, these items are true kitchen essentials and deserve to be on this list. Invest in storage kitchen items and enjoy that home made food “almost” whenever you want.

  • Wire Storage basket – super convenient to store pretty much anything. It’s easily movable, due to its handles. Its mesh design is a plus, because it makes the basket’s content visible.
  • Spice jars – great for storing dry food and spices, as well as salt and pepper. Opt for jars with sift holes so it’s easier for you to sprinkle the spice.
  • Reusable silicone storage bags – it’s time to invest in them because they are eco-friendly, made out of pure food grade silicone. And believe it or not, you can use them for storing stews and other liquids!
  • Stackable food storage containers – their capacity is just enough for storing jams, flour, tea, condiments, even leftovers! Besides, they are transparent and their convenience qualifies them as kitchen essentials.
  • Glass storage containers – these are super nice and easy to handle, and come in different sizes. They are stain and odorless too, so you won’t have to worry that they might look terrible after a few months of use.
  • Liquid containerthis container offers plenty of room and at the same time can be fitted wherever you like. It traps the heat of hot drinks and it is easy to clean, which makes it even more desirable to have.


Some of these items are used on a daily basis, and some are used occasionally. Either way, they belong to the list of kitchen essentials, for the sake of comfort.

  • Kettle – the perfect choice for tea or coffee! We recommend an electric kettle with a beautiful design. It should have a heat resistant handle, and must switch off automatically. Some kettles come in with water level windows so you can easily see how much water you have left.
  • Scales – Whether you are competing in The Great British Bake Off or you are just starting out with baking, you will always need kitchen scales. Go for versatile and reliable. We recommend digital scales with multiple weight units (e.g. grams and ounces)


Some people live by the motto: Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. We believe in keeping our tableware kitchen essentials very simple. This is why everyone should invest in a set of white dishes, which will “last forever” and go along with every occasion. You might be surprised by how great they go with any kind of kitchen style.

  • Soup bowls these are extra convenient, since you won’t only use them for everyday purposes but also for special occasions. They are chip-resistant, which makes them even more useful!
  • Dinner plates – Choose plates for everyday use that are both stylish and practical. Make sure they are stackable so they don’t take too much space,
  • Cutlery – when you are in a hunt for good quality cutlery, make sure they are deformation resistant and easy to maintain. You’ll thank us later!

Phew! Hope we didn’t miss anything!

This is the list of items every well-organized kitchen should have. The goal is to choose wisely and make sure you have all the essential kitchen items, without the feeling of having a cluttered kitchen. After all, they say that people who cook and eat at home are the healthiest people, so having a smart kitchen will give you twice the joy and inspiration than ever.

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