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Organized Travel Tours That Are Actually Fun and Spontaneous

organized tours fun tourism and travel

Whenever travelling comes to question there is no ‘right or wrong’ way to travel. Trips to distant places give you a chance to experience a new culture, through everything from new cuisine and customs to fantastic landmarks. Travelling preferences are subjective, they depend on a person’s likes and dislikes. Moreover, think about how much travel decisions are designed and driven by our budget and how much time we dedicate to it. Our travel style tells a lot about us. 

organized tours fun tourism and travel

Many travelers frequently opt for organized tours, especially when they travel in a country for the first time. Going on a trip with an organized group has its own pros and cons. Sometimes people are worried that they are putting their freedom of a spontaneity of travel in question by letting someone else making decisions for them. However, travelling with an organized tour can be both a very practical and fine way to spend your next trip, and you are about to find out why. 

What are the benefits of travelling in a tour group?

Some people like to travel solo, and others don’t consider travelling with an organized tour as an option, but as the only and best way to travel. Tours can be very practical and appealing, since they offer professional service, increased security and generally a less stressful travel. Let’s find out what the benefits of travelling with organized tours are.

1.    Carefully arranged trips

Guided tour companies are in charge of handling all the organization and preparations before visiting the landmarks in the area. Just imagine how much time and energy you would save, that would otherwise be put into planning out your own tours of the destination. When travelling with an organized tour, the tour guide is often the one that creates a schedule and plan for sightseeing. If you choose to go with a company that has been travelling for years, you can be sure that the tours will be created so that you can use your time efficiently.

 Another thing is that tours take into account the visiting hours of the place you are visiting, so that you don’t have to spend time researching information and coordinating. Besides, transportation is handled, so you simply have to sign up for the tours you want to attend and show up at the designated time.

 2. Answers to all of your questions throughout the trip

 Yes, all of your questions concerning the place you visit will be answered. The reason for this is that tour companies have been operating the area for a long time, so they pretty much know all about it.

Another great thing is that very often, they hire locals to guide the tours. The knowledge that you can get from an insider is priceless. They might help you discover some hidden gems within the area that you otherwise may have never found on your own, or even with a regular tour guide. Local guides usually share stories about the sightseeing landmarks. This is because they want to give depth and a fine, one-of-a-kind touch to your travelling experience.

 3. Your comfort and safety are guaranteed

 Some people feel nervous and even have second doubts before visiting a new country. This is why travelling with organized tours is recommended for solo travelers. It’s also great for people who travel for the first time or just visiting a country that’s a bit more challenging to navigate.  A guided tour gives you a sense of comfort because the tour guide is already familiar with the culture. This is especially important for the destinations where safety is an issue. The guide helps the group avoid dangerous areas, which is important when you decide to go on a trip. Whatever happens, you will always have the guide to turn to if things suddenly go wrong.

4. Some landmarks can’t be visited without a guide.

 Well, as much as some people like travelling solo, there are a few regions in certain countries that can’t be visited without a guide.  So, whether it’s a 4×4 drive in the Algerian desert, a trip to Yemen, or a boat ride in Canaima National park just to see the Angel Falls, you have to be in the company of a professional guide. The reason for this are the regions’ terms and conditions during a visit. 

5. An excellent opportunity to meet new people

Once you decide to travel with an organized tour, you should be aware that there will literally be all kinds of different people on your trip. Perhaps some of them will have also joined the trip to make new friends, and are open to socializing. You will ‘click’ with a few instantly for sure!

It’s highly probable that you will meet some brilliant people on the tour. So, some friendships might turn out to be long lasting. It’s amazing how good it can feel to experience a new city with people you meet for the first time, share your reactions and connect on another level.

 6. It’s great if you decide to go with a group of friends, too!

 Believe it or not, organized tours are great for travelling with a group of friends too. Have you and your friends ever talked about travelling together, but nobody really wanted to be responsible for organizing the trip? Yes, this is when organized tours sound like the perfect choice. All you and your besties need to do is pick a tour, sign up and you’re all set. The only thing that’s left to do is enjoy your time there with your friends!

There are a few disadvantages that you should be aware of, though.

Travelling with an organized tour can be a practical and fun way to experience a new place. However, you might encounter a few drawbacks on your trip, so here’s what you should know:

1. Spending time with people that you don’t like

 As much as there is a chance of meeting people who you might become friends for life with, you might be destined to travel with people that you don’t like. Or don’t like you. Either way it can be quite uncomfortable, so try to either keep distance, or try to connect with them. It’s your call.

 2. Tours can be tiring

 Some agencies simply want to make sure that you get your money’s worth.That’s why they seem to squeeze in as many activities as they can. This can be overwhelming, so make sure you check what the plan is before paying for the trip.

 3. Stuck with the tour’s itinerary

You might want to go to a particular place, but you won’t always have the chance as there may be almost no flexibility built into the schedule. Again, make sure you check it before you pay it. Also, if you are travelling with a large group, you might get the feeling that precious time is lost while waiting for the group to get on or off the bus. Some tours like Intrepid travels do give you also free time for solo exploration of a place so you can get the best of both worlds. 

4. Stuck with the food choices

Yes, this can be a major problem for people who are picky with their food. Although some groups might cater to your choice of food, others might not be very satisfactory. If that happens it might be worth talking to your tour guide so they take into account any dietary restrictions. 

 Want to take a trip with an organized tour? Here are a few options!

 The Absolute Safari

If your goal is to explore Africa on your next trip, The Absolute Safari is the way to do it. Do you imagine yourself cooking on a campfire or living in an overland truck? On this adventure trip, you will go through 40 destinations from Nairobi in Kenya to Cape Town in South Africa. Incredible sunsets, meeting native tribes, tracking gorillas and sleeping under the stars. If this is how you picture your next adventure then this safari is perfect for you!

Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel offers travelling in smaller groups. At the same time, it offers flexibility and enough time on your own to make sure you don’t feel stuck in their itinerary. This company offers sightseeing with local guides with whom you will go way beyond the main streets and into the heart of your destination. This company usually attracts people who are young at heart. So, if that’s your lifestyle and personality, you are most certainly bound to meet people like you.

G Adventures

The organized tours that this company offers are quite satisfying, especially since you can create your own adventure! This means that you can have a unique travel experience that’s tailored exactly as you have imagined it! Make the tour yours by customizing activities, choosing your preferred method of transportation and where you’d like to stay. These types of private tours are available in tailor made option or a regular one. Plus, you can even bring your friends with you.

Oasis Overland

Is a trip to a distant place and a true expedition along the way a dream come true for you? Then Oasis Overland is the perfect option for you. Expect long drives on rough road, camping and cooking in quite extreme weather conditions. Travelling with this company’s organized tours can prove to be an experience like no other.

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime?

Planning your first or actually any trip can be a bit overwhelming and challenging. Where to go, where to start and end your trip, how to get around once you are there are just a few of the decisions you have to make once you decide to travel. This is where organized tours prove to be very practical and fine at the same time. They coordinate everything and leave you to enjoy the experience. So, if this sounds appealing, it’s time to start planning your next trip!

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