13 February 2021
home workout - woman doing yoga in her living room

Health From Home | The Practical Benefits of Home Workout

Life looks a little different this year. Everyday tasks have been both overcomplicated and oversimplified, just as routines have become simultaneously convenient and difficult. To look […]
16 January 2021
intermittent fasting and diet - plate and scales

Intermittent Fasting | What Is It and What Are Its Benefits

People are in a constant search for the best way to lose weight and improve their health since forever. According to recent research, one of the […]
15 January 2021
sleep hygiene - sleeping man

The Importance of Sleep | How to Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where it’s 3 in the morning, and you are lying in the comfort of your bed, struggling to […]
12 January 2021
weight loss practical tips

Weight Loss | 9 Practical Tips How to Lose the Extra Pounds

The process of losing weight can be lengthy and challenging. Nutritionists and body coaches claim it’s not as painful as it sounds. However, if you are […]
5 January 2021
girl reading lots of books looking anxious

Beat Anxiety and Stress | 6 Ways to Deal With Them Naturally

Have you ever thought about the fast-paced lives we all live nowadays? The era of multitasking and information – just compare every thought or duty to […]
4 January 2021
woman on a bicycle in the city

7 Practical Ways to Stay Fit Without Going to the Gym

Life is busy nowadays. Whether it’s responsibilities related to work, balancing between the house chores, taking care of the kids and in the meantime trying to […]
1 January 2021
meditating man wearing black cap with eyes closed under cloudy sky

Mindfulness | A Practical and Fine Way to Enhance Your Life

We live in a busy world. You must have caught yourself doing multiple tasks without realizing it. How many of you have been folding the laundry […]
28 December 2020
woman drawing smile on sunflower

9 Practical and Fine Ways to Stay Optimistic and Happy

All throughout life, in difficult situations we are being advised to ‘stay positive’. In fact, no matter what you do for a living or whenever you […]
20 December 2020
female erotic pleasure

New Generation of Female-Focused Sexual Wellness Products

‘The future is female’ we see it in headlines, posters, even on designer clothes, it’s everywhere. Women are gaining more confidence and decide to step up […]
28 November 2020
breakfast at home with croissant and coffee

Is Breakfast Still the Most Important Meal of the Day?

We have all been hearing since childhood, that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Was it a clever lie crafted by generations of […]
22 November 2020
aromatherapy essential oils

Is Aromatherapy All About the Aroma? Essential Oils Benefits

People have been using essential oils for thousands of years. Is that just because most of the essential oils just smell great? To some extent, it […]
21 November 2020
woman smiling at a dog

Should You Have Pets at Home?

Why do people have pets? What makes people take up something that limits their freedom, changes their lifestyle and causes a lot of mess? For some […]
20 November 2020
houseplants on the floor

How Houseplants Can Improve the Quality of Your Life

Houseplants: to have or not to have? Houseplants are a wonderful addition to your home. Unlike outdoor garden plants, houseplants are the greenery inside your home […]
3 April 2020
early morning sunrise

6 Morning Routines to Kick-Start Your Day

Mornings are arguably the most crucial parts of our day. That’s exactly what Attorney General of the state of Washington, Bob Ferguson had in mind when […]