23 May 2020
girls flowing kites

9 practical and fine ideas for a staycation

As soon as the cold winter days are behind us, we start looking forward and plan our spring or summer vacation. Who wouldn’t wish to escape […]
17 August 2019
brooklyn bridge new york

If you’re ever in New York… Things to try and see that don’t include the Statue of Liberty

‘The city that never sleeps’ – is what they say about one of the biggest cities in the USA, New York. Known for its diversity, this […]
24 July 2019

Business travel: prepare and make the most out of your business trip

In the era of technology, communicating across different time zones is no news, and it’s become faster than ever. However, when it comes to sealing a […]
18 July 2019
woman riding a scooter

12 practical and fine holiday activities

While on a summer break, it’s easy to get used to a lazy mode where you sit around for days. For those of you who have […]
22 May 2019
Woman traveling with a Beetle car - Nahariyya Israel

8 Best Travel Spots for Solo Holidays

If you are an adventurist, or simply want to find out who you are in new surroundings, travelling solo is the best opportunity for that. Even […]
14 April 2019
picture of ancient ruin taken by a tourist

Carrying your house in a suitcase: The pragmatic traveller

Travelling and tourism has become one of the world’s largest industries with millions of tourists and a global economic contribution of over 7.6 trillion U.S. dollars […]
24 February 2019
Coffee shops and coffee culture

From coffee to coffee culture: coffee around the world

Starting a day with an invigorating beverage is something that people do in almost any culture in the world. Coffee is probably one of the leaders […]