24 September 2020
christmas gift ideas

35 Christmas gifts that are not actual ‘things’

Every person knows that as soon as Halloween passes, Christmas holiday season waits just around the corner. There are two kinds of people as far as […]
24 September 2020
clothes to rent

The rental clothes trend: What’s all the fuss about and is it here to stay?

It can be an invitation for a special occasion like a wedding, or a gala. Maybe you need an outfit for the upcoming job interview and […]
24 September 2020
experiences - photography

The experience trend: Is it a more practical way of living?

For many generations, before the millenials were born, owning expensive things was the most ‘accurate’ representation of what a person had achieved in life and a […]
22 September 2020
practical meal prepping - toast with avocado and eggs

Meal prepping: the most practical and fine cooking tips for busy people

Raise your hand if you spend at least a third of your household budget on convenience foods, such as takeaway and ready-made meals from the supermarket. […]
22 September 2020
intermittent fasting and diet - plate and scales

Intermittent fasting: What is it and what are its benefits?

People are in a constant search for the best way to lose weight and improve their health since forever. According to recent research, one of the […]
22 September 2020
sleep hygiene - sleeping man

The importance of sleep: How to improve your sleep hygiene

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where it’s 3 in the morning, and you are lying in the comfort of your bed, struggling to […]
20 September 2020
listening to audiobook

Audio books: the wonderful experience that listening to books can provide

‘I simply don’t have time for books anymore’ many of us would probably say when asked about book recommendations. Even bookworms would agree that reading a […]
20 September 2020
weight loss practical tips

Weight loss: 9 practical tips on how to lose the extra pounds

The process of losing weight can be lengthy and challenging. Nutritionists and body coaches claim it’s not as painful as it sounds. However, if you are […]
25 May 2020
boy playing with a water gun

8 practical and fine outdoor games you can play with your family or friends

As summer is waiting just around the corner, it’s time to plan and prepare for the warmest months of the year. It isn’t only about escaping […]
24 May 2020
woman on a bicycle in the city

7 practical ways to stay fit that don’t include going to the gym

Life is busy nowadays. Whether it’s responsibilities related to work, balancing between the house chores, taking care of the kids and in the meantime trying to […]
24 May 2020
woman dancing zumba

10 practical and fine things to do in your free time

Have you ever found yourself muttering ‘there just aren’t enough hours in the day’ at any point during your workday? Thanks to our constant responsibilities, meetings, […]
24 May 2020
meditating man wearing black cap with eyes closed under cloudy sky

The mindfulness trend: a practical and fine way to enhance your life

We live in a busy world. You must have caught yourself doing multiple tasks without realizing it. How many of you have been folding the laundry […]
24 May 2020
family making breakfast in the kitchen

Fun creative projects for the whole family while at home

Whether it’s rainy and grey outside or something unexpected occurs, there are days when we simply have to spend time at home. And even though alone […]
23 May 2020
girls flowing kites

9 practical and fine ideas for a staycation

As soon as the cold winter days are behind us, we start looking forward and plan our spring or summer vacation. Who wouldn’t wish to escape […]
18 September 2019
female erotic pleasure

New generation of female-focused sexual health and wellness products

‘The future is female’ we see it in headlines, posters, even on designer clothes, it’s everywhere. Women are gaining more confidence and decide to step up […]
27 June 2019
foodie woman enjoying eating her food

A foodie or an eater – do you pass the foodie test?

With the takeover of delicious food and entertainment shows on social media and TV, it’s no surprise that many of us spend more and more time […]
19 June 2019
gift giving to a man

The perfect gifts for men: making the impossible possible

Have you ever just stood there wondering what would be the perfect gift for your amazing husband, recently graduated best friend, best brother in the world […]
9 June 2019
woman giving a gift to another woman

Gifts for her: 10 ideas for the perfect gift

Finding the perfect gifts for her – a friend, girlfriend, mother or daughter may sometimes seem to be the trickiest and most difficult thing to do. […]