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Bring the Good Vibes in Your Life! How to Feng Shui Your Home

feng shui aromatherapy

We all want harmony in our life and that harmony has to start from the place where we spend the most time. Home. There is an easy way to do this without having to hire expensive interior designers!

We will show you five easy steps to bring harmony in your home with the help of feng shui.

But first, what is feng shui?

feng shui aromatherapy

Feng shui is becoming increasingly popular in the Western world. Is it a real science that, if applied in a right way, can help you attract good luck, increase fortune and find harmony? Or is it a just an old Chinese fairy tale that new agers adopted as their “cult”? First of all, it is important to remember that feng shui is not a religion, cult or meditation practice. It is a set of principles with its more than 2,000-year history that is aimed at creating harmonious energy at any given space. And no, it isn’t all about just placing money frogs, fountains and windchimes here and there.

So what is feng shui?

Feng shui makes part of the complex Taoist body of knowledge that also includes Chinese astrology, Chinese medicine, energy work like Tai Chi and Qi Gong and other disciplines. Ancient feng shui masters were convinced that we all are surrounded by endless energy fields that interconnect everything in the world. Feng shui principles are based on the profound belief in Ch’i. Ch’i is the animating force that flows everywhere and is invisible to a person’s eye. The literal meaning of feng shui is “wind and water”, as wind and water convey the idea of Ch’i energy flowing in specific directions. There are two types of Ch’i: positive yun Ch’i, and negative sha Ch’i.

What you do with feng shui or the art of placement, is basically free the flow of positive Ch’i around you. The practical essence of feng shui lies in analysis of a certain location (a landscape or a building) and finding the most beneficial Ch’i flows and intensifying them. According to feng shui, there is no real separation between what you are and what surrounds you. Thus, by harmonising the place you live in through opening up energy channels you nourish and strengthen your own energy.

Are the Chinese serious about it?

They are indeed! Feng shui preserves extreme importance in modern China and China-influenced countries. The principles of feng shui are deeply incorporated in all the aspects of Chinese society. You can see its trace in Chinese architecture, aesthetics, social, political and even personal life.

Consulting a feng shui expert before starting a new business is a very common thing in China. Feng shui principles affect everything, from the name of the company to the location of the office, from the decoration and layout of the office interior to business communication and behaviour.

What is more, feng shui influences interpersonal communication. For instance, when choosing a partner, according to feng shui, it is a good idea to check your potential partner’s birth date or sheng chen ba zi. Sheng chen ba zi tells you whether two people are compatible or not. In modern China incompatible sheng chen ba zi still can prevent a man and a woman from marrying each other.

Celebrities and feng shui

While there is no definitive scientific proof on whether feng shui actually works, there are people from all walks of life who have made these practices a part of their daily life. Feng shui gained popularity among some of the most successful and famous people in our Western culture.

Film stars like Johnny Depp, Julia Roberts and George Clooney are known to have firm beliefs in the power of feng shui. They have private Feng shui experts to help them design their homes embracing feng shui principles.

Madonna, Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey are among other big names who directly expressed their opinions on the importance of taking the Feng Shui arrangements into account when designing their homes.

feng shui aromatherapy for your home

But it isn’t  only about entertainment industry celebs. Business world embraced feng shui as a way to enhance the quality of lives as well.

Tommy Hilfiger, a renowned designer, includes concepts of feng shui both in the showrooms and the clothes he creates. Bill Gates’ house is an example of applying of all the feng shui rules. And as we see, prosperity seems to flow to him seamlessly. Just as to Richard Branson, who employs feng shui concepts not only in his home, but  also whenever he’s opening a new office.

Anita Roddick, the Founder of Body Shop, has all the shops around the world designed based on feng shui principles.

Following the examples of successful people to get abundance and prosperity in our lives has been a thing for quite a time.

Feng shui tips for beginners

If you made up your mind to enrich your life and align your living space according to feng shui principles, here are some of the steps you can start with:


First of all, clutter prevents Chi energy flow. To free this energy up you should get rid of the things you no longer need. Also it is important to keep the thing you need organized. Dirty dishes left overnight, garbage bags overloaded and a messy closet are definite “no” when it comes to feng shui.

Feng Shui Cures

Adding feng shui cures is a quick and simple way to fix the energy flow  of your home. You can choose what is more suitable for your place. You may consider getting some crystals to balance the energy in the spots that are lacking it. Installing a fountain or an aquarium will stimulate chi energy to boost your finances and career. Hang a couple of mirrors in a dining room or use auspicious symbols that represent positive energy.

Fixing broken things

Avoid broken things in your living environment. Since your space is the reflection of your life, fixing the broken appliances or pieces of furniture will help you fix the issues you might be facing in other spheres. If it can’t be fixed, get rid of it.


Remove or cover any mirrors that reflect the bed. They represent water energy that isn’t welcome in your bedroom, as it can create a feeling of restlessness.
Get two nightstands to create a more balanced bed. You don’t need to get two matching ones, a chair or a bench will work just as well.


It sounds very simple and it actually is the easiest thing to do. Make sure to keep your bathroom doors closed and the toilet lid down. The energy and wealth of the family is believed to be draining away if the lid stays open.

Bottom Line

Although it is impossible to set up an experiment to test whether feng shui really works, it is a very big thing in China. Besides that,  more and more people in the West get fascinated with the ancient principles of feng shui. Arranging your living space according to feng shui might not bring you wealth and good luck. Still, approaching its rules (many of which are just common sense) in an intelligent way will bring into your home the feeling of harmony.

How harmonious is your life? That’s what we thought. Now feng the shui out of your home!

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