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Home Coffee Barista | the Best Ways to Make Coffee at Home

woman holding black teacup with cappuccino

Every coffee lover knows that a good cup of coffee in the morning can affect your whole day. Many of us are used to paying a trip to our favourite coffee shop on our way to work, but we can all agree this can get pricey. But before you go on a coffee diet, we’ve got some good news for you! You don’t need a fancy espresso machine to make an excellent cup of coffee at home. Some freshly ground beans and a good choice of a coffee machine will do the trick. Believe it or not, anyone can be a coffee guru, and the best thing about it? You can do it right at home. Let’s find out how to make a satisfying cup of coffee every single time!

woman holding black teacup with cappuccino

What are the advantages of preparing your coffee at home?

Saving money

You would be surprised how much you can save if you cut down on your regular daily trip to your local coffee shop. If increasing your savings was one of your New Year resolutions, you can start with this one. The first step is simple – try calculating how much you spend on a monthly basis on coffee prepared outside your home. We understand that you’re likely to have an occasional treat prepared by your favourite barista, we do too, but just give it a try. Who wouldn’t want some extra money?

Prepare coffee any time of the day

Did you wake up super early this morning, just to enjoy the calmness, the sound of birds and the smell of fresh coffee in solitude?  Or perhaps you are preparing for exams or a presentation for the following day and have to stay up really late? Unfortunately, most coffee shops don’t stay open 24 hours, which means that you can’t have access to a satisfying cup of coffee any time of the day. That’s why preparing your coffee at home is the real deal.

Experiment with different coffee brands

Once you get into the habit of preparing your coffee at home, the options are limitless. You can choose from an array of different coffee brands and ways of preparing your coffee. So, whether your morning coffee is an estate-grown brew, or you opt for the best supermarket blend you can afford, experiment until you find what works best for you.

A short guide to preparing good coffee at home

Millions and millions of words have been said on the subject of how the perfect cup of coffee is prepared. If you visit different countries you’ll find that some have their unique coffee culture. However, baristas would agree that there are a few things that really matter in the process of preparing coffee.

white ceramic cup filled with coffee and cream


Yes, as a matter of fact good coffee really depends on the equipment with which it is prepared. This is why so many coffee connoisseurs prefer to go out and have coffee at a café prepared by professional baristas with big, shiny, professional espresso machines. However, some of them prefer the method that is less punishing on the wallet – home prepared coffee. According to Victoria Moore, the author of How to Drink, there is beauty in preparing coffee at home as much as having one outside. She points out the importance of having a good coffee device, and even more importantly, using it properly. We tried to make your choice easier by pointing out to a few different types of coffee machines later in this article.

The water temperature

The National Coffee Association in the U.S. recommends that the temperature of water when preparing coffee should be between 90-96 C (205F). They say that the water we use is of extreme importance for the quality of our coffee. So, if the tap water isn’t good or has a strong smell or taste, we should use filtered or bottled water.

Tip: If you are using tap water, make sure it’s cold and let it run for a few seconds before filling your coffee pot.


Another important aspect of preparing coffee at home is the type of coffee itself. The key to a good cup of coffee is that it’s fresh. So, even if you choose the supermarket alternative, make sure you can keep it sealed in an airtight container. Don’t forget to check the sell-by dates when buying!

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Don’t be afraid of experimenting! You would be surprised by how much coffee can vary in character, depending on the country of origin, variety and roast, so don’t stop until you find the taste you’re looking for.


Do you add milk to your coffee? If you do, you should know a few things. There aren’t any rules about what the milk temperature should be because many people like it cold. However, those of you who enjoy your coffee with a lot of milk might want to warm it up a little bit first. As far as the correct amount of milk is concerned, ‘perfect’ is very individual, so you can add as much as you like.

Tip: Make sure the milk isn’t too hot, as it will truly spoil the flavor of your coffee.

Time and method

Different coffee machines require different methods of preparing coffee. Plus, they require different amount of time for a certain amount of coffee to be prepared. Most of them require you to pour water and then wait until it is absorbed in the coffee and then fill the cafetiere. There is a difference in the sharpness and taste of coffee in certain machines. For example such is the case with the espresso machine, where if you shorten the steeping time, the coffee tastes stronger. But that again, is a matter of preference.

A good coffee device – the key to your perfect cup of coffee!

Not that we shouldn’t be grateful for the existence of the regular automatic drip coffee maker we already have in our kitchens, but there are a few new, more practical ways to make coffee at home. Yes, it’s possible to prepare coffee in an appliance that doesn’t take a quarter of your counter space in the kitchen. Here are a few affordable, small and convenient coffee devices. Let’s learn how to brew a great cup of coffee!

The French Press

Simply perfect for those with a zero-waste lifestyle! It doesn’t require paper filters, so it minimises waste when preparing coffee. This coffee device is very practical, as it brews by soaking ground coffee directly into coffee water. When done right, the coffee made in French Press can’t be any more perfect – it is said to be richer in flavour than drip coffee. The reason for this are the flavourful oils that otherwise partially stay on the paper filter.

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Ways to use it: The procedure of using the French Press is super simple. Pour the grounds into the carafe. Then, fill it with boiling water and give it a stir to make sure that the coffee is completely saturated. Wait for four minutes, put the lid on and slowly depress the plunger. Do this in order to press all of the grounds through the water and to the bottom of the carafe. There it is, ready to be poured in your favourite mug or bamboo cup!

The Aeropress

This type of coffee device isn’t as common as the French Press. However, there isn’t a coffee connoisseur that hasn’t heard of it. It’s very convenient if you are on the go. The process of preparing coffee is very fast and simple. This brewing device acts as a syringe, because of the plunger forcing hot water and grounds through a very small replaceable filter. And there you have it, fresh coffee straight into your cup. And the best thing about it? It’s compact and very light, so believe it or not, you can take it just about anywhere with you!

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The Pour Over

You needed a proof that preparing excellent coffee isn’t all about spending tons of money on expensive equipment? Here it is – the Pour Over is one of the best ways to prepare world-class cup of coffee. The process of making coffee is a bit longer. It requires you to be fully focused and to have a touch of finesse. It includes a few more steps such as timed pouring and pausing so it almost feels like performing a coffee ritual! However, once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to do it at least half-awake early in the morning.

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Espresso machine

If you are an espresso or cappuccino lover and are prepared to pay a little more, then a home espresso machine might be just what you are looking for. This traditional pump espresso machine is no-frills but has everything you need. For its small size, it is powerful with 15 bars pressure for the perfect blend. It has a milk frother for your favourite frothy cappuccino and compared to other espresso machines it doesn’t really take much space. And let’s admit it, with its modern design it will look quite classy in your kitchen.

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Ready for a coffee shop worthy brew served in the comfort of your own home?

With all the duties and responsibilities that each day brings to us, and the busy lives we live in general, we seem to forget about the little things we enjoy on a daily basis. Like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, for example. Now you don’t have to rush on your way to work and spend twice the money on coffee prepared by a professional barista. You can make it just as perfect, and enjoy it anytime – right at your home.

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