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6 Fabrics That Make You Look and Feel Great in Hot Weather

best clothes and fabrics for hot summer day

Sandy beaches, wonderful seaside cottages, the sound of waves and fancy cocktail parties are just a few of the many reasons why everyone loves summer. As soon as temperatures start rising, we know it’s time to switch up to our summer attires and update our wardrobes. Depending on where your home is, the spring-to-summer transition tends to be more subtle than winter-to-spring. However, this shouldn’t mean that the switch to summer clothing doesn’t need a bit of freshening up.

best clothes and fabrics for hot summer day

Thinking about what to wear during the hot summer days can sometimes be quite challenging. We all know that the humid air and high temperatures can make the fabric-to-skin contact less bearable. Besides, this is the season when we usually reveal more of ourselves and our bodies. Many people start preparing for summer as soon as June starts. For those who simply didn’t have enough time, we are here to help. The ideal summer outfit should be functional, lightweight and of course, stylish. Let’s find out how to stay cool and pull off the perfect summer outfit by achieving a balance between quality, style and comfort.

Is it possible to dress up smart without exposing too much skin during summer, while staying cool?

Choosing an outfit for any occasion while avoiding the sweat patches during the boiling hot summer months isn’t impossible. At the same time, it doesn’t have to be all about exposing too much skin. The key to looking both smart and stylish lies in choosing fabrics that you can count on in every occasion and any time of the day. Breathable and light fabrics, like cotton, satin and linen are very practical. Besides, they will definitely keep you cool while looking effortlessly chic.

Fabrics and clothing items that will solve your outfit problems in the summer months

There is nothing better than wearing lightweight clothes as soon as hot weather hits. The right clothing items will give you an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors even during the hottest of summer. Let’s find out how to shop the wardrobe basics for a careless summer.

Linen trousers

This piece of clothing is ideal for the times you want to give your skirts and shorts a day off. Whether paired with a light tank top or a comfortable t-shirt and spiced up with a colourful accessory, linen pants will certainly be one of your favourite pieces this summer. Like cotton, linen is a lightweight, breathable type of fabric which makes it perfect for humid and hot weather conditions. Some people aren’t used to it and may find it stiff, but that only means that it won’t stick to your body. Linen wrinkles very easily, but many people don’t mind this and rather view it as a part of their casual personal style.  

Cotton T-shirts and tank tops are always a summer DO

We never seem to have enough of these, so it’s always smart to invest in comfy tops and t-shirts. Cotton is one of the most convenient and comfortable fabrics for hot weather. Not only is it great for the heat, but it’s available in any shop and it shouldn’t hit your wallet hard. Cotton T-shirts and tank tops come in a variety of sizes, colours and prints in stores. Whether you go for the classic white tee or an animal print, you can hardly go wrong. Step up your summer outfit game by adding bold accessories. 

Tip: Many people find a V-neck tee flattering, but you can always switch to a crew neck or a scoop neck if you think it fits better.

Leave enough room for everyday breezy dresses in your wardrobe

In the days when you are in a hurry and start feeling sweaty before you even rush through the door and yet want to look put together, only one clothing item has the power to save you. A light summer dress is probably one of the rare pieces of clothes that can make you look effortlessly chic on any occasion. There is an extensive list of summer dress varieties, so you can go with anything from a patterned maxi dress to a cute skater dress. 

Light, summer dresses are fun, practical and ideal for both cocktail parties and a day at the office. In fact, they check all the boxes that are required from a piece of clothing that can be worn on any occasion. Anyone would agree that the airy feeling a dress can provide throughout the whole day is irreplaceable. Besides, a summer dress is a very versatile piece of clothing. You can match it with different accessories and shoes in order to create entirely different outfits. For example, a floral maxi dress can be matched with a denim jacket and strappy sandals for a girly combo. However, when you pair it with a leather jacket and edgy boots you can instantly get a biker-girl vibe. Make sure you arm your closet with a few dresses that will keep you cool this summer. 

Denim – in all forms and sizes


Everyone knows that dark, skinny jeans are a winter essential. What we can’t seem to get enough of during the summer months, though, are baggy, boyfriend jeans. They are available in many different styles and we can rest assured that this piece of clothing is perhaps one of the most versatile bottoms. Boyfriend jeans are simple, casual and fit perfectly in both a relaxed boho vibe and a fancy outfit for a night out in town.

Jean shorts and dresses

Jean shorts, on the other hand, have always been a summer staple. However, instead of the well-known short denim cut-offs, go for their new, around the knee variation this year. They may be appropriate for more occasions. And when you can’t possibly imagine yourself wearing jeans as soon as high temperatures hit, go for a breathable denim dress. This fabric comes in a variety of chic, stylish designs that will definitely keep you cool and comfortable.

Denim jacket

You might think that since it’s mostly hot during the summer, you won’t be needing a lot of outerwear. However, this isn’t always the case. A denim jacket is a summer essential, as it is ideal for chilly early mornings and late evenings. It’s especially convenient if you plan to travel or live in a place where the weather changes a lot. Bear in mind that nowadays almost every office and store has air conditioning. So, if you are a person who doesn’t like the cold, you will certainly appreciate bringing a light denim jacket. This layering clothing item is very convenient and you can mix and match it with literally any outfit.

No summer wardrobe is complete without a colourful scarf

A girly, lightweight scarf can serve more than one purpose. Not only can you use it to accessorize an outfit, but you can protect yourself from the sun. You can even use it as a pillow while getting a bronze tan at the beach. If you are on a holiday, visiting a religious building and need to cover up bare skin, a scarf will always come in handy. When in doubt, know that you can never go wrong with silk, linen or cotton scarves in neutral colours.

Mini or midi skirts – the question is now

We can’t ignore the fact that we simply adore miniskirts. Yet, many women would rather turn to midi skirts every time comfort comes in question. The length of this type of skirt is between that of a mini skirt and a maxi skirt. Chic, flattering and breathable – a short definition of the perfect summer piece of clothing. Midi skirts happen to tick all the boxes. You can pair it with flats for running errands throughout the day or match it with your favourite pair of heels for an evening party by the pool.

Stock up on the basic fabrics and clothes that every summer wardrobe needs

 As soon as summertime knocks on the door, it’s time to finally take the layers off and switch to fresh, lightweight summer clothes. Even though we can’t stay indifferent to the urge to experiment with fabrics and follow trends, the hot weather brings a few universally challenging outfit issues. For example, the key to achieving balance between comfort and being stylish at the same time. Wearing the right fabrics and investing in a few basic clothing items will help you achieve a laid back vibe and enjoy the summer to the fullest. There are many ways to be both comfortable and look stylish wherever you go. That’s why you need to make sure you stock up with the summer essentials no wardrobe can be complete without.

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