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Patio | How to Accessorize Your Outdoor Space for Any Season

Outdoor Patio Fire Pit Heater

When people decorate their patios, they very often think about how it would look like in the  summer. Just picture it: lying around in the garden and enjoying the sight and scent of flowers while sipping iced latte or a refreshing cocktail during a hot summer day. However, as soon as summer ends, you don’t have to stop spending precious time in your backyard. Your patio is a part of your home, so try to treat it that way. Decorate an ‘all seasons patio’ with as much love and creativity as you decorate the interior of your house. As long as you choose to dedicate some of your time and pick the right items, patios can be perfect for outdoor activities in every season of the year! 

patio in the autumn
Photo by @mwms1916

Is it possible to create an ‘all seasons patio’?

It doesn’t matter if you are relaxing with family, hosting a dinner party, celebrating a birthday or simply sipping your first coffee in the morning there – a nicely decorated patio is always a good idea. The good news is that turning your outdoor area into an all seasons patio doesn’t have to be difficult. Why not simplify your life by creating an outdoor look that would work all year round?

Create a patio that you can enjoy all year long!

Here are some practical ideas that you should consider for the next patio remodelling:

1. Weather-resistant furniture

If you plan on enjoying your patio throughout the whole year, you need to make sure that the outdoor furniture you choose is weather-proof. This means that the seating and cushion covers won’t get soaking wet after a rain or easily stained, and the furniture itself won’t rot or be easily damaged by different weather conditions. That’s why when you go on a hunt for the perfect patio furniture, opt for the ones made out of certain materials. Teak, polyresin wicker or powder-coated steel are perfect, since they are made to last through many seasons and can withstand different weather conditions. 

8 Piece Garden Furniture Patio Set
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There is a variety of different options when patio furniture is concerned, so you can either go for a whole set of sofas, armchairs and a table, or be creative and mix and match items from different stores. 

Tip: Whenever you go away on a holiday, or simply don’t feel like spending time outside in your backyard for a while, protect your furniture. This set of furniture covers comes with locks and offers maximum protection against wind and winter conditions. 

Tip: Add a swing to your patio. It will make your patio more comfy and inviting, and it’s an excellent feature for whenever you feel like spending your free time reading or relaxing in your backyard.

2. A grill

Barbecue parties shouldn’t mark the beginning of summer. Many people say that food simply tastes better when grilled, so, why not enjoy that taste in any season of the year? Invest in a grill, put on an extra shirt or sweater and enjoy grilled meat and veggies even after summer ends! You might consider changing the menu depending on the season and ingredients, and prepare more warm dishes in autumn and winter. And if it’s not too cold, you can even enjoy your meal outside in your cozy, comfortably decorated patio.

3. Add lighting

There are a few reasons why you should closely pay attention and invest in proper lighting in your outdoor area. Not only is it practical, but it can add charm and turn your patio into a magical area in any season. Besides, since it gets darker in the autumn, adding light to illuminate your patio sounds like a great idea. The good thing is that there is an array of cool and budget-friendly lighting features in the market. 

LED Fairy String Lights
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  • String lights – Many would agree that there is no other form of lighting that can make more charming atmosphere than string lights. Warm white light is just what any patio needs. Plus, they are ideal for birthday and dinner parties, or a quiet, relaxing night in the backyard. 
  • Solar lights – Weather resistant and powered by solar energy. Not only are they budget friendly, but these solar lights are also practical and incredibly charming! When using these, you just need to make sure that you install them in a place that gets enough sunlight in order to serve their purpose. 
  • Lanterns – portable and easy to maintain. Lanterns can be made out of different materials and you can opt for ones with LED candles or those that come with real candles. The advantage of purchasing lanterns with LED candles is that you are spared of cleaning the messy wax and there is no risk of fire. Of course, there is always the option to create your own lanterns and add a personal stamp on them. 
Solar Powered LED Garden Lantern
Solar Powered LED Garden Lantern View on Amazon

4. Heat it up and make it cozy

As we said before, hanging around in your garden doesn’t have to end as soon as summer ends. Instead, you can extend spending time outside by simply adding some kind of a source of heat close to the seating area. Installing a fire pit or investing in any kind of outdoor heater would be a nice way to gather your friends and family and enjoy a hot drink or even roast marshmallows in the patio. 

And if you are wondering how to add a feeling of warmth and make your patio feel cozy, look beyond lighting and the sources of heat. If you want to make your all seasons patio as inviting as the interior of your home, add all the things that turn your indoors cozy. This means adding cushions, blankets, even a nice, soft throw over the outdoor furniture. However, you should be aware that bringing them indoors whenever it rains is a must. 

5. Plants

Plants are the best way to give life to any outdoor space. There are many outdoor plants that are very easy to grow and maintain, and gardening comes with many personal benefits. So, why not give it a try? The options are endless – you can plant seasonal flowers, herbs or even fruits and veggies in small containers in your patio. And the best thing about it is that it would be close to your house, so you will enjoy the sight of something you have created and maintained by yourself in the comfort of your own patio!

Metal Hanging Flower Pots
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6. Patio roof

You should definitely consider investing in a patio roof, enclosures or any other form of patio covering, especially if you are a fan of spending your time outside even when it gets dark, it rains or the temperatures drastically fall.

Maximize the charm of your patio – decorate for every season!

After you have decorated your ‘all seasons patio’, you can go one step further depending on your budget and time and add a few features to mark each season or important holiday. For example, the beginning of autumn and Halloween are the perfect time to place those carved pumpkins on your patio. This year, take your Christmas spirit outside and decorate a Christmas tree or hang a few ornaments on the walls. Mark the beginning of spring by adding new plants to your patio and Easter-themed cushions or blankets. Enjoy your flowers and herbs in their full bloom in the summer months, while sipping a nice cold beverage with your friends and family.

Time to remodel your patio and enjoy it all year round!

Many people say that the end of summer is also the end of enjoying outdoor parties, barbecues and random celebrations. This doesn’t necessarily have to be true, and with a little time and effort, you can enjoy your backyard in every month of the year. By adding a few simple features to your patio, you can extend spending time outside through autumn, winter and spring as well. So, enough waiting, it’s time to maximize the potential of your patio!

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