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Fun Travel Ideas | 12 Practical and Fine Holiday Activities

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Photo by Bruce Mars

While on a summer break, it’s easy to get used to a lazy mode where you sit around for days. For those of you who have already planned a vacation, it’s no surprise that taking a vacation can be costly. Airfare and accommodation are just some of the things you need to think of before you start exploring the area. However, once you are settled in, you don’t have to spend a fortune. Travelling is so much more than visiting the famous touristy spots. Here are our 12 suggestions for activities that will turn your holiday into a memento you will always be happy to go back to!

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How to turn a summer holiday into a wonderful journey?

For the foodie

Trying local foods is a must

 Every true foodie knows that visiting a new place is the perfect opportunity to try out new flavours. Besides, it’s a great way of scooping some new, local recipe ideas. So, that is why searching for THE place to eat while on a holiday should be on your to-do list even before you pack your bags. However, going on a holiday can be a last-minute decision, and you can be just too busy to make a list of the places where you want to eat. If this ever happens, we have some good news. Who can offer a better suggestion rather than a local? And the best thing about receiving a tip from a local is that they can recommend a place with truly good food, not known to most tourists. After all, trying out new, amazing local cuisines is what being a foodie is all about. 

Go to local markets and bazaars

Whenever you visit a new place, make sure you don’t go home empty-handed. Every foodie would dedicate a few hours in a quest for something that can’t be bought where they live. Invest in local spices, cooking tool or a cookbook with recipes from the region you’ve never tried. You won’t regret it. And why? Well, once you cook something new for your family or friends, it will be all they talk about during your dinner parties

spices sold at a souk market in morocco
Photo by @gavilla

For the adventurist 

Get tips from locals 

If you are feeling spontaneous, get off the beaten track i.e. your carefully planned day, and challenge yourself to do something new! Even if you are spending your holiday with your family, staying within the walls of your resort throughout the whole vacay can be monotonous. There are a few things you can do. Try talking to locals, and get some tips about sightseeing areas. Not only will they offer tips about areas and places which aren’t packed with tourists, but very often those places can turn out to be budget friendly. 

Tip: If talking to locals seems too much effort for your relaxed holiday, you can consider asking your concierge or travel agency for some recommendations, or you can simply start your pre-trip planning a bit earlier than usual.

Take a day trip

If your trip this year involves one city, you should consider arranging a day trip to an interesting place nearby. Whether it’s a hiking tour in some national park, or just wandering around in a new town or village, this day trip will most probably turn out to be a blast. As it happens, very often the most popular tourist destinations can “overshadow” some equally beautiful and worthy, though less popular spots you shouldn’t regret missing. 

Take public transport or rent a bike/scooter

There is probably no better way to soak in the whole atmosphere of a certain city than by taking public transport. Even better, see what the place you visit offers and rent a bike or a scooter. It won’t hurt your holiday budget and it will give you a chance to experience the full scope of your destination. However, there are a few things you should be careful about when you use public transport, or visit a place in general. Make sure you keep your eyes open and always be aware of your personal belongings. 

woman riding a scooter
Photo by Bruce Mars

Experience  local nightlife

Not everyone is a night owl, we know that, but whenever the sun sets, a rather different, vibrant energy settles over a city. So, even if you are not a fan of pulsing clubs that stay open until the sun rises, we suggest you devote at least one evening, get dressed and dive into the nightlife of the place you are visiting. Depending on the type of destination, you can enjoy live music, or maybe small romantic candle-lit bars and cafes. 

Put the map away for at least one day

Today, with all the high-tech GPS systems and offline maps, the possibility of getting lost is virtually impossible (unless your battery dies of course!). Yes, all these maps will save you plenty of anxiety and stress. However, consider this: if you aren’t supposed to be somewhere in a scheduled time, why rush? Hide your phone in the pocket, and “forget” the map for at least an entire afternoon. Just allow yourself to be spontaneous and get lost in all the beautiful things a place has to offer. As long as you make sure you aren’t in danger, moving around without a map can be an amazing way to get to know a place and enjoy a slightly less planned experience. Keep an open mind and go on a little adventure!

Go swimming in a not-so-popular area

Maybe you are a fan of swimming, and your summer holiday is all about spending time laying on the beach and swimming all day long. If you want to try something new, then this is what you should do. Before going on a holiday, do a little research. Try to find the hidden gems  of the place you visit. Many tourist areas offer not-so-popular places, like waterfalls or lagoons that many people don’t know of, and are accessible to swimmers. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity which you will always be happy to remember!

Tip: Always ensure your safety when visiting spots which are not very popular among tourists. 

Take a train ride

For those who prefer spending their holiday sightseeing rather than drinking cocktails on the beach here’s an idea. A train ride would be a brilliant way to grasp nature and landscapes a country has to offer. Train ride tickets are often budget friendly. However, it would be wise to check and purchase them in advance, rather than on the spot. Sit back, and enjoy the enchanting beauty of nature!

For the person who wants to record their memories of favourite holiday activities

Take a lot of photos 

Whether it’s by a polaroid (yes they still exist!), a professional camera, or simply a phone, taking photos is one of the best ways to ensure that your memories will stay around forever. What’s more, they will bring a smile on your face for many years to come. 

Write a travel journal

Keep records of every magical moment and give yourself the ability to look back on your trips and remember the best of details. You can even collect all your discovered treasures, maps and tickets and turn your diary into a scrapbook. However, make sure you aren’t spending too much time writing. Otherwise you might miss out on the fun and adventures you wanted to write down in the first place.

Buy something that will remind you of the place you are visiting

Visit the local market or bazaar and buy something that will remind you of your summer adventures and something you will truly cherish for years. This year, try to resist the urge to buy a souvenir fridge magnet and choose something else, more authentic and not made-for-tourists, like hand-crafted coasters or a wallet.

woman selling curios souvenirs in africa
Photo by Chris Bloom

Pack your things, it’s time for a summer adventure and the best holiday activities!

Summer is the time to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, get curious and enjoy a perfect summer holiday. Now that you know that travelling is so much more than the touristy highlights, get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Eat something new. Do something you haven’t done before. Try to resist the temptation to plan your trip from A to Z. Enjoy your summer holidays to the fullest and let it teach you a thing or two about yourself!

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