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26 November 2020
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28 November 2020

11 Ways to Make Your Home More Cozy

accent cushions on a sofa for a cozy home

Accent cushions on a sofa by @sidekix

window sill with a cushion and a throw

Home is not just a space you live in. Home is a space that should make you feel welcome and cared for. Does your home feel like a place where you can balance yourself, relax and reinforce the best part of who you are? Not sure? Actually making your home cozy isn’t something that just happens on its own. Fortunately, there are tricks that can help you turn your dwelling into an inviting and soothing place.

Warm up Your Space with a Soft Palette

Creating a warm cozy atmosphere at home starts with the colour palette you choose for your interior. Colours can influence our mood and feelings, so if your goal is to add some warmth and coziness to your place, opt for soft and intimate hues of pastel. They instantly make an interior feel relaxed and serene. You can rely on neutrals for bigger pieces like a sofa, armchairs or rugs and experiment with colours, textures and layers in smaller elements.

Cultivate Homely Atmosphere with Lighting

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating an inviting and warm ambience at home. Try not to overdress your windows to be able to capture sunlight during the day. If a room doesn’t get enough natural light, you can improve the situation by adding some mirrors and choosing lighter colours for decoration.

In the evening cozy glow will add homelike feel to any room. There is no such thing as too many lamps. Having 3-4 sources of lighting per a room is a must for comfy atmosphere, as artificial lighting coming from different corners of a room feels much softer than the light coming from a single source.

subdued lighting in a living room
Photo by Pixabay

For overhead lighting, you can go for pendants or chandeliers to add some drama to the interior. And don’t forget about dimmer switches to personalize the lighting to your mood.

For task lighting install corner lamp next to your favourite spots for reading. A string of LED lights will add some soft glow to your room in the evening. And, of course, candles! Candles create warm and glimmering, which makes them an amazing tool for creating a special, inviting atmosphere.

Materials Matter

There aren’t many things that contribute as much to the tone of rustic homeliness as organic raw materials. Remember about that when choosing textile and accessories. Wooden floor, furniture and accents bring the feeling of warmth and coziness even to a minimalistic interior. Unlike wood, the cold shine of metal elements may undermine even the snuggliest atmosphere. So, if you are to choose metal accessories or kitchen utensils, remember that a great way to instantly warm a space up is opting for brass, bronze, rose gold and copper hues.

Mediterranean home as an idea for a cozy home
Mediterranean home by @ialicantemediterraneanhomes

Soften It with Textile

One of the easiest tricks to make a room more welcoming is adding more textile. There are plenty of ways to use textile in an interior. Window treatment, couch slipcovers and throw blankets, rugs and cushions provide freedom for experimenting with colours and textures. The main principle here is finding the fabrics that have a visual and physical appearance of being tactile. Besides being inviting to touch, softer fabrics also smoothen any harsh lines in the architecture of a room.

accent cushions on a sofa for a cozy home
Accent cushions on a sofa by @sidekix

Add Green Accents

Apart from being able to improve the quality of your life in general, home plants do wonders in an interior. They are calming and soothing and instantly make any room feel more homelike and less sterile.

There is no need to go for big plants right from the start. Even one tiny green buddy placed on a window sill or a table can make a huge difference and breathe life into your room. An indoor herb garden can be a great option for those who want a combo of beauty and cozy aromas of mint, rosemary, oregano or basil.

Your Home is What You Read

Books you read reflect who you are. They create a very personal atmosphere for your home and give your visitor a hint on what you are passionate about. The shelves with bright coloured covers can sprinkle a bit of liveliness in the room design. Flicking through the pages of your favourite stories on a comfy armchair with a cup of tea will immediately make you feel homey and relaxed.

Add Accessories

Home decor is all about beauty with added functionality. The smallest things can make a significant difference. A house without accessories resembles a basic three-star hotel room, a place where you sleep and have a quick shower. To give any room energy and personal touch you can opt for vases, faux-fur throws or paintings. Rugs and floor pillows will solve any problems of floor imperfections, as well as give the eye something to rest upon in an otherwise empty room. A bright shaggy bath mat is a perfect solution for bathrooms that lack colour. It feels nice underneath your feet too! The main rule here is not to overdo the decorating, you need a living space and you don’t want it all occupied by an eclectic mix of everything you find pretty.

ceramic art work home decoration
Photo by @fancycrave

Brighten Up Your Kitchen

For the kitchen, decor functionality should be the priority. Unnecessary stuff may interfere with your cooking and enjoying your meals. The best options to make it look cosier are a tablecloth, chair slipcovers and teapots. If you want to add an artistic touch to your kitchen, you might consider hang art not to leave the kitchen walls unduly ignored. Open shelving will provide an opportunity to have all the pretty cups and bowls you have on the display, rather than hidden inside the drawers.

Teapot and bowl on a table next to a vase

Sweet Memories to Feel Homely

Things of sentimental value, like holiday cards and photos, bring in us the memories of the best moments in our lives. You can get as creative as you like arranging them in collage or simply framing the pictures and placing them where they can be observed. This is a very simple trick to make your house more welcoming, as you are constantly reminded of those who are dear to your heart.

Good Smells in the Air

The smell is one of the first things you notice when entering a house. That is exactly what we like about small bakeries and fancy hotels. To create the pleasant olfactory experience you can get ready-made fresheners or even create one of your own. Try using essential oils to get the mix you prefer. Strategically placed scented candles will not only provide the soft, warm lighting to your room but will fill it with subtle fragrances. Carpet powders are great for deodorising the entire living room in pure seconds. A bundle of lavender or eucalyptus will freshen up the air in your bathroom in an absolutely natural way.

Feng Shui It

Feng shui principles can come in handy if you’re wondering how to instil harmony in your interior. It all starts with the entrance, so make the process of entering your place a delightful experience. Always take off your shoes when you enter, since your home is indeed a sacred space. Getting rid of all the clutter and fixing the broken things can be the next step. To achieve the goal of creating a welcoming home you might consider aligning the colours in the rooms and the lightning with the feng shui rules.

Feel inspired yet?

Making your place inviting and welcoming can seem more of a challenge than it really is. Armed with these simple techniques you can start taking steps to turn your living space in your personal retreat straight away. By creating in your home the atmosphere you thrive in you ensure that the time you spend there helps you recharge and unwind after work.

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