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10 Practical & Fine Outdoor Plants for the Garden of Your Dreams

Live plants are an amazing way to liven up any outdoor space. If you are asking why, the answer is pretty simple. They are practical, very often easy to grow and maintain, inexpensive and can turn just about any outdoor area into a wonderful oasis. Who wouldn’t want a little piece of paradise among the busy concrete jungle we all live in? Contrary to popular belief, there are many outdoor plants out there that are easy to grow, even for those who’ve never ever planted a single seed.

flower garden and a butterfly

Easy-to-grow plants as a secret ingredient for the perfect garden!

It doesn’t matter if you are planting your first seed ever or you are a gardening expert, seeing all the energy and hard work go to waste when outdoor plants slowly die does not give one a very enjoyable feeling. This is why we decided to gather a selection of plants which are practical and fine at the same time. So what makes a plant practical and easy to maintain?

An easy-to-grow plant will withstand almost any condition. It will adapt to its current surrounding. These plants can be the best ‘house guests’, since they are not very picky and don’t require a lot of work and effort to maintain. Usually, they put up with being forgotten for a few days or even a week. The best thing about easy-to-grow plants is that they don’t need a lot of pruning and pinching, and shadowy corners won’t be bothering them a lot. 

Which one of these outdoor plants will make the perfect addition to a charming garden?

If taking care of plants sounds like a tiring house chore, don’t worry – these plants are almost ‘impossible to kill’:


These flowers are many gardener’s first go-to annual option for outdoor plants, and there is a legit reason for that. Not only do they come in different colours, they also manage to survive the summer heat with little watering. The best thing about it? They flourish in many climates, and to take care of them, you simply need to deadhead from time to time. 

geranium outdoor plant


These plants usually blossom heavily all summer long and come in a great range of colours and patterns. They will require watering and fertilizing on a regular basis if you seek for their optimal performance. So, what makes them a practical plant to have around in the garden? Most of its varieties are self-cleaning, which means you don’t have to spend time deadheading to make sure it always look well-groomed. 

petunia outdoor plant


There are a few different types of begonias which require full shade. However, the type of begonia called boliviensis fares can survive and blossom in full sun or needs just a small amount of shade. This plant enriches the garden with many orange red flowers. It isn’t hard to maintain, and only requires occasional pinching. 

Begonia boliviensis outdoor plant
Begonia boliviensis


This plant is one of the easiest plants to grow. Its worst enemies are the slugs, so it is probably a good idea to learn how to get rid of them. The best thing about hostas is that they survive and look beautiful in many different kinds of gardens, so it doesn’t matter where you put them as long as they enjoy a bit of shade. They come in many different sizes and colours, and the best thing about them is that hummingbirds love them, so if you want to attract birds in your garden, growing hostas will certainly help!

hostas outdoor plant


This versatile group of outdoor plants offers a range of different varieties, so you can choose from short to midsize growing plants, according to your and your garden’s needs. They’ve got thick leaves and star-shaped flowers. Sedums are very practical, since once they are planted they don’t require a lot of care. If they look dry, you simply need to water them and cut back flowering in order to maintain the shape you like. 

sedum outdoor plant


Many DIY blogs suggest creating your own succulent gardens, so if you haven’t done it by now, now is the time! Whether it’s vertical, or simply a collection of succulents in hand-drawn flower pots, a succulent garden will give your garden a touch of freshness and a feeling of tranquility. Most types of succulents are very easy to grow and maintain. They require sun, so don’t be surprised if you see your succulent stretching more looking for sunbeams. Besides, once they have adapted, they won’t require too much water, so you can tick watering from the household chores to-do list. 

succulent garden outdoor plant
Succulent garden

Sweet-potato Vine

Even though it doesn’t climb walls, this plant grows rapidly and can trail gorgeously over big pots. It comes in a few different colours, so, you can choose between bronze and deep purple for a lush garden, or lime green if you aim for a rich green and fresh look. They are super easy to maintain and will be an amazing addition to your garden or balcony. 

Sweet Potato Vine in containers outdoor plants
Sweet Potato Vine


Offering over 150 species, lantana is a lovely and easy-to-grow outdoor plant. It grows clusters of flowers that come in a big variety of vibrant colours, sometimes even with a few different colours mixed together! It’s very practical and tough, and many gardeners opt for it because of its long blooming period. Its confetti-looking flower petals and strong leaf fragrance will attract more butterflies and hummingbirds than ever!

lantana outdoor plant


There are a few different types of euphorbia, but one particular type, i.e. Euphorbia hypericifolia has caught our attention so much, that we simply had to add it to this list. With its tiny gentle white flowers and leaves, this type of plant will give your garden or balcony a romantic, idyllic look. Its tolerance to heat will keep it looking good in the highest summer heat, even when other plants start to look worn out. Plus, this type of euphorbia is a self-cleaning plant, so you won’t have to waste precious time on deadheading. 

Euphorbia hypericifolia outdoor plant
Euphorbia hypericifolia

New Guinea Impatiens

Even though it might require a little bit more of your time regarding its care and growing, this variety of impatiens will reward you with large beautiful flowers in flamboyant colours. The great thing about this type is that it is able to handle a bit of sun, unlike the rest of its species, which require a lot of shade. And the best thing about it? Self-cleaning, of course!

New Guinea Impatiens outdoor plant
New Guinea Impatiens

Flower pots as the perfect extension to your outdoor plants!

Now that you chose which plant would fit your garden or balcony perfectly, you should know that picking the right flower pot is as important as the plant itself. Just think about this, a flower pot to the flower is the same as a home is to a person. What’s more, a proper flower pot will provide your plant with most of the needed conditions to live and grow. So, make sure it’s a good fit. 

Plant containers and pots come in a big variety of sizes, colours, prices, materials and shapes. However, you might want to consider the climate, ease of maintenance and the place you would keep the potted plant before making a decision and purchasing your next pot. Depending on your personal style, outdoor design and the type of outdoor plants, there are a few different types of container materials: 

1 Pressed paper

Also eco-friendly, for the gardener with a zero-waste life:

Biodegradable Herb Seed Starter Pots
Biodegradable Herb Seed Starter Pots
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2 Ceramic

Round White Modern Ceramic Garden Flower Pots
3 Modern Ceramic Garden Flower Pots
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Rivet Geometric Ceramic Planter, 8.625H
Rivet Geometric Ceramic Planter, 8.6″H
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3 Terracotta

La Jolie Muse Large Garden Planters with Drainage Holes Set of 2 (11.3, Terracotta Color)
2x Large Garden Planters with Drainage Holes – 11.3″, Terracotta
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4 Fiberglass and Resin

Planter, Patio Pot, 13 Tequila Sunrise
Patio Planter Pot, 13″ Tequila Sunrise
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18“ & 10” White Tribal Fiberglass Plant Pot on Wood Stand,Set of 2
2x White Tribal Fiberglass Plant Pots, 18“ & 10”
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5 Plastic

Nordic Bronze Flower Planter Pot, 13-Inch Width
Nordic Bronze Planter Pot 13″
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Garden Plastic Plant Container with Drainage Holes (Weathered Gray, 14.2)
Plastic Plant Container 14.2″
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Hanging Planters for Outdoor Plants - 10 Inch Indoor Flower Pots with Drainage, Plants Pots, Speckled-Black, Set of 2
2x Hanging Planters for Outdoor Plants 10″
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Plastic Planter & Flower Window Box Gina 18 Set of 2 Units
2x Plastic Garden Planter 18″
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6 Wood

Flower Planter Whiskey Barrel, 15, Distressed Oak
Flower Planter Whiskey Barrel, 15″, Distressed Oak
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Raised Garden Bed 48x24x30-inch Elevated Wood Planter Box Stand for Backyard, Patio, Natural Cedar Wood
Raised Garden Bed – Cedar Wood – 48x24x30-inch
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Raised 48 by 48 by 15-Inch Garden Box Kit, Extra Tall, White
Raised Garden Box Kit 48x48x15-Inch
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Amazon Basics Recycled Wood Rectangular Garden Planter - 27.5” x 9.6” x 33”
Recycled Wood Garden Planter – 27.5” x 9.6” x 33”
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7 Metal

10 Piece Metal Iron Hanging Flower Pots
10x Metal Iron Hanging Flower Pots, Multi-color
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Galvanized Metal Hanging Trough Flower Planter Wall Storage Set of 2
2x Galvanized Metal Hanging Trough Flower Planters
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Raised Planter Box with Legs Outdoor Elevated Garden Bed On Wheels for Vegetables Flower Herb Patio Galvanized Steel Metal
Elevated Planter Box – Galvanized Steel
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8 Concrete

Lightweight Concrete Outdoor Round Bowl Planter 20 x 20 x 13 inches
Lightweight Concrete Planter 20″ x 20″ x 13″
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Lightweight Concrete Outdoor Round Bowl Planter, 21.7 Inch Tall, Pure White
Lightweight Concrete Planter, 21.7″
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Natural Cement Square Planter 8 inch, 8
Natural Cement Square Planter 8″
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Taking care of your outdoor plants doesn’t have to be a time-consuming chore!

Having an organised, comfy and  pleasant garden or balcony to relax in is becoming increasingly more important, since we live very busy lives. Our outdoor areas have become a key extension to our home, and just like indoors, we should try to decorate the areas where we spend time to look nice and inviting. And there is no better and easier way to do it than opt for plants which won’t require too much work and at the same time turn your garden into a picturesque paradise. So, don’t waste any more time, and invest your energy and creativity to turn your outdoor space into the heaven you have always wanted!

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