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Gifts for Her: 10 Ideas for the Perfect Gift

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Finding the perfect gifts for her – a friend, girlfriend, mother or daughter may sometimes seem to be the trickiest and most difficult thing to do. Have you ever had that feeling that there are so many options out there, yet you are still struggling to find THE gift that she is absolutely going to love and use? To make this process easier for you, we have put together an extensive list of ideas that will surely help you pick the perfect gift. Oh, and most of the things are on budget. So, stressful gift shopping, be gone!

For the woman that loves fashion

A gift card

This may not make you look like you’ve tried very hard, but trust us, you can never go wrong with giving a fashionista a gift card that she can use to buy more clothes. Plus, if you are not always sure about the taste of the person you are gifting, why not avoid the risk of getting her something she doesn’t like?

A gift card is a practical rather than a creative gift and that’s totally ok. The only disadvantage might be that she will eventually know that value of the gift, but if that doesn’t bother you, feel free to go for it.

Many high street brands, as well as department stores and luxury retailers offer the option of buying a gift card which can be used to shop in their brick and mortar store, as well as online. Indeed, it is a super practical gift and we guarantee it will make her happy.

A perfume

Yes, perfume is really personal. But if you have known her for a while and feel confident that you are able to pick a scent that she is going to like, a perfume is an excellent option. It is an elegant and sensual gift. But beware, this is not the gift that you should go for if your budget is super limited; do not buy cheap perfumes. While it goes without saying that they are of poor quality, you should also know that many of them contain dangerous ingredients.

A fashion book

Many designers, fashion influencers and celebrities have written books on fashion and lifestyle, so this can make a suitable gift for the girl that is passionate about fashion. Fashion lovers are always curious to learn more about the industry and the people who define it so fashion books are a great source of this sort of education. Memoirs, how-to books, coffee table books, hard cover magazines – you pick, she’ll love it for sure.

If you want to give her a totally creative fashion-related gift then we recommend East End Fashionistas. It is a photo journal by London photographer Anthony Webb. Like an unscripted fashion show, it features the fashionable and eccentric characters you’d meet in London’s trendy East End. Sprinkled with witty quips and amazing clash of colour and sass, it is the perfect addition to any coffee table!

Silk scarf

No stylish gal’s wardrobe is fully complete without a chic silk scarf. They come in a great variety of colours and shades that it shouldn’t be difficult to choose one. Since you can’t really go wrong with the size, it can be very practical and easy to order from online shops, such as Etsy. If the person you are gifting is creative and fierce, don’t be afraid to opt for a scarf in bold colours. Silks scarves are some of the perfect gifts for her because any woman loves them and there is a huge variety to choose from.

For the woman that loves to travel

A scratch–off  map

This is an amazing gift for anyone who loves to travel because maps inspire you to travel more and also remind you of previous experiences. Scratch maps are basically foil coated maps of the world and the idea is to scratch off the place once you have visited it. Athletes hang their medals on the wall, doctors hang their diplomas; passionate travellers hang their framed scratch maps and they are proud. It’s such a cool and fun gift.

A passport case

A passport case is surely an item she is going to use. Passport cases keep passports safe from liquids, thieves, etc. and can be a very fine accessory. You can find many affordable options online that can even be personalised with initials, numbers, symbols, etc. Bear in mind that a customised order will take time to be made and shipped, so make sure you purchase it on time.

A sleep mask

Women who love to travel and do it frequently spend a lot of time sleeping on a plane, train or bus, so a sleep mask could be a perfect gift for her. It’s a gift of relaxation and certainly one she will really appreciate. Sleeping masks can also be customised and you can find some made of very fine fabrics, such as silk.

Travel journal

Just the perfect gift for the girl or woman who likes to write down mementos from her travel adventures and carefully organise her next trip. It’s very convenient and practical, since it’s separated in sections. Its elastic closure makes sure all notes, tickets and photos are safely tucked in. Plus, this travel journal comes with a world map, sticker pages and 5 dividers.

For the woman who loves to cook

A cookbook

Although quite an obvious choice, we are convinced that for the lady who loves to spend time in the kitchen creating tasty magic, a new cookbook is always welcome. Cookbooks are useful, don’t take up a lot of space and are usually not expensive. You only need some basic knowledge of a person’s lifestyle and diet habits to pick the perfect one. For example, is she vegan? Don’t get her a cookbook on the art of barbequing.

A spoon rest

A spoon rest may not be an essential item in the kitchen but it is super useful because it helps you keep the kitchen counter clean while cooking and spares you from the stress of having to clean any mess afterwards. We have decided to include it in this list because while on the hunt for the perfect gifts for her, we found  some really fine pieces made of white marble or wood for a very reasonable price online. So any woman who loves to cook will love this thoughtful gift and put it to good use.

A selection of spices

Nowadays you can find kits consisting of different spices that make an amazing gift. Oriental spices, different salts, Italian seasoning and many other combinations are available in any bigger supermarkets, department stores, as well as online and within a great price range.

For the woman who loves her home

Pillows and cushions

Pillows and cushions are an important part of any living room or bedroom as they can give a special touch to any kind of space. Whether you are looking for a holiday themed item or a birthday gift for her, pillows and cushions are an excellent choice for the woman who loves to decorate and cares for details.

A plant

Plants breathe life into spaces and can make a home feel warmer. They can be low maintenance or high maintenance, indoor or outdoor, herbs, flowers, etc. They can come in different kinds of pots or vases. There is really a huge variety on the market, but it’s really hard to not get it right with this kind of gift, especially if it is intended for a woman who is into interior design.

A picture frame

We all love taking pictures, but often we don’t have where to display them and frankly, picture frames are often left out of our shopping lists. A picture frame is another practical and stylish gift that can give her space a more home-y vibe. And here are some ideas for a handmade picture frame. Bonus points go to you if you enjoy handcrafting, since you can put your personal stamp on this one!

A cozy blanket

No woman can stay indifferent to this one. What can be better than curling up under a super cozy blanket during chilly nights? Ladies love them, especially because blankets are usually easy to maintain. The best thing about super soft blankets is that most of them are made with wool, fleece, cotton or cotton and polyester blends, and they come in reasonable prices. Or, if you decide to go big you can opt for a blanket from cashmere.

Tip: If you aren’t sure about the colour, pick a blanket in a neutral colour that would fit with any kind of interior.

The secret to the perfect gifts for her

It doesn’t matter if you are shopping for her anniversary, birthday, or for no reason at all, gifting is the perfect way to show you care. Even though at first it might seem stressful and tricky, picking a gift doesn’t have to be that hard, especially nowadays when there is a great variety of products on the market. Both practical and stylish, we hope that these ideas will inspire you to pick the next perfect gift for her.

And remember, oftentimes the best part of a gift… is the gift giver!

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