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10 Practical & Fine Indoor Plants for the Winter Season

For those of us who are no strangers to long, cold winters, we can already feel that wintertime is on our doorstep once again. Whether you are a fan of warm and fuzzy sweaters and snow or not, we are well aware that we can’t control the weather. What we can control, though, is our surroundings! Just think about it, what can be a great way to banish the winter blues?

This year, instead of investing all of your creativity on decorating for Christmas, you can liven up your indoor space by adding some greenery! Indoor plants are an amazing option for those who have little outdoor space or people who live in climates with sub-zero temperatures in winter. That’s why we gathered a list of the most practical and fine plants which will enliven any room in your home.

Besides their visual beauty, indoor plants are good for your health

Whether you live in a small apartment, or a large house, introducing indoor plants to your home interior can have quite a few benefits. As you already know, most plants do the opposite of what we do when we breathe. They release oxygen, and absorb carbon dioxide, which makes them the perfect air-fresheners, and at the same time eliminators of toxins in the air.

Indoor plants can improve the quality of life. They can have a positive effect on a person’s productivity and concentration. It has been proven that they reduce stress levels and can boost your mood. This makes them absolutely perfect for not only your home, but your work space as well. So yes, besides having an aesthetic purpose, indoor plants serve a practical purpose as well, and will enhance your life.

Quick tips before you create your little ‘indoor’ garden

In order to make sure that you have created your ideal green heaven at home, you should spend a bit of your free time and do a little research. Which plants are best suited for each room? What kind of environment fits them best? Here are several pointers you should pay attention to:

1. They are an excellent way to make life to even the most boring rooms in your home

 No matter the season, having indoor plants at home is always a good idea. They will cheer up just about any room, and are a cool way to style up your living space. Whether you create your own succulent garden and arrange it in various ways, or you display your plants in pots of different shapes and colours, the options are limitless.

2. Choose the plants in your bedroom wisely

 As we said before, the process of photosynthesis means that plants release oxygen during the day. However, you should know that during the night, when this process stops, most plants release carbon dioxide, which doesn’t make them the best fit for your bedroom.

 Tip: Unlike other plants, succulents, orchids, bromeliads and snake plants do emit oxygen during the night, which makes them the perfect air purifiers for your bedroom.

 3. Too much sun doesn’t do too much good

 When you pick which plants to place in your home, keep in mind that most indoor plants aren’t big fans of direct midday sun. If you are not sure which spot would be ideal for your plant, there are some obvious signs to look out for. Some of them are leaf burns, sudden falling of leaves or spotting. If you notice these signs, don’t worry, it is something you can fix. Sometimes it is a case of (not) watering them too much, so keep track of the dryness of the soil.

 Believe it or not, a cold draft affects your plant as well. Leaving your plant close to the main door can cause its leaves to curl up and eventually fall.

 4. However, some plants enjoy warmer temperatures

 Yes, some plants don’t mind humidity or warmer temperatures, which makes them perfect even for the bathroom (assuming you have natural light there)! Knowing which plants are ideal for which room in your home is considered to be an essential when it comes to choosing and placing indoor plants. Air plants love humidity, as the moisture from the shower helps them flourish. And if you have a room which is always hot, you can decorate it with ferns, succulents and cacti. They will most certainly love the heat!

easy practical indoor plant
Photo by Huy Phan

 Here are 10 indoor plants to liven up your home!

1. Aloe

 We just couldn’t resist starting with the multi-functional aloe plant. Perfect for the indoors and easy to maintain, the aloe has got distinctive leaves that spread out in a vase shape from a central base. If you don’t consider yourself to be a person with a green thumb, try taking care of aloe vera. It can come in a smaller variety with leaves full of vitamin-rich gel which can be used for different purposes. From a sunburn, to a breakout, the aloe’s long leaves are known to be ideal for soothing a wide variety of skin issues. They don’t require too much sunlight and watering, which makes them perfect for people with busy lifestyles.

2. Spider plant

 This plant’s distinctive leaves are where it got its name from. It can be found in green or variegated varieties, and can even start out as a small white flower! And the best thing about the spider plant? It doesn’t require too much attention, so provide them with well-drained soil and indirect, bright light and they will flourish for sure. Having this plant is one of the most efficient ways to clean the air in your home. So, for those who live in urban surroundings with lots of pollution, don’t think twice, and invest in a spider plant! 

3. Cactus or succulent for beginners

Even though many people consider them to be the same thing, that is not always the case. Yes, most cacti are classified as succulents, but there are many other succulent plants that are not cacti. The biggest difference is that cacti always have bumps which are called areoles. This is where the hair or spikes grow. However, other kinds of succulents don’t have them.

 Both varieties of plants require very low maintenance, cheer up just about any indoor space and are suited to most homes. They should be placed on a window sill if possible, as that’s where they can get most sunlight. Plus, you can arrange them in many different ways, so use your imagination and they can become your home’s best decoration!

 4. Flowering Maple 

What makes the flowering maple a perfect indoor plant is that it’s very easy to maintain and is in bloom almost all-year-round. Even though its name comes from the similarly shaped leaf of the maple tree, this plant isn’t actually related to the maple tree family. One thing is for sure, its lovely leaves of salmon, red white or yellow colours make this plant a very interesting decoration to your home interior. 

5. Lemon Cypress

Who wouldn’t want a ‘mini Christmas tree’ during this time of the year? Grouped together with two or more trees in a wide pot or metal window box can function as the perfect natural privacy screen. The lemony scent is just considered as an advantage. They might not be as easy to maintain as some other indoor plants, but will most certainly add a fresh feeling to your living space. 

6. Anthurium 

This bold green leafed plant can have flowers of bright red colour for eight or more weeks each year. You can even find hybrids in shades of lavender, pink, white and green on the market. This practical indoor plant requires medium to bright light so you should avoid direct sun and keep the soil barely moist in fall and winter. Take note that the beautiful leaves contain toxic sap, so make sure it isn’t within children’s and pet’s reach. 

7. Peace lily 

Who can stay indifferent to the easy-to-care peace lily? This super easy-to-maintain plant tolerates low light and low humidity. Its spoon-shape flowers usually appear in summer, so don’t be disappointed if you can’t spot any during the autumn and winter months. 

Tip: Its dark green leaves would look simply amazing in a plain pot with a glossy finish.

8. Cast iron plant

 Especially favored by those who don’t have time for plant maintenance, the cast iron plant lives up to its name. It might be slow growing, but this plant is almost indestructible. It can withstand low light and low humidity! This makes it perfect for that dark corner that always looked empty to you. Besides, its healthy dark green leaves will definitely give you a feeling of a green oasis in the middle of your own home.

9. Arrowhead vine

Perfect both for the outdoors in the summer months and for the indoors when the temperatures fall, this lush foliage plant is super practical. It looks amazing in all of its grandeur when planted in big pots. Its green leaves can shine even in low light, even when put close to the entrance door. 

10. Ficus

 And last, but not least, the ficus plant which is absolutely fantastic, mostly from an aesthetic point of view. If you are a fan of tall woody plants with glossy dark green leaves, this is the one. The only thing that needs to be pointed out is that these plants don’t like changes in environmental conditions. So, be sure you place your ficus somewhere where it won’t have to be moved throughout the whole winter.

Ready to create your own indoor green heaven?

Investing some of your free time during these months of cold in creating an indoor garden of your own can turn out to be an excellent idea. An indoor garden can be your refuge from the outside world, as it has been proven that it has many benefits and improves the overall quality of life. So, why wait? Whether you live in a tiny apartment or a big house, placing some plants indoors will liven up any room of your lovely home. 

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