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Declutter Your Home | 10 Closet Organizers for a Neat Home

Whether it’s a tiny apartment, or a spacious house that you live in, storage management can very often be a real challenge. Raise your hand if shoving clutter in your closet without proper organization is a thing you do very often. Don’t worry, all of us do it too. However, we all know that a clean, organized closet is simply priceless, especially in those chaotic weekday mornings. This is why we gathered a list of 10 simple and practical closet organizers that will help you get the whole storage area under control once and for all!

What do I need to know before purchasing new closet organizers?

Great job, you decided to take matters into your own hands, and finally get rid and organize the stuff that had been piling up for some time around the house. Before you buy anything that should help you keep your closet organized, there are a few things you should know. 

1. Declutter

Be honest with yourself: are you really going to wear those ripped jeans or dress you wore only once like 10 years ago? If the answer is no, then it’s time to take everything out and decide what you want to stick with, and what you should say goodbye to. Decluttering is an essential part of reorganizing your storage space. Besides, many people actually say that they enjoy decluttering and it’s a relaxing activity that provides them with a feeling of relief.

2. Hang strategically

Hanging up clothes randomly without even thinking about it is the perfect recipe for a disorganized closet area. So that is why you should consider rearranging and hanging your clothes separately. Whether it’s in sections depending on the season, or the type of clothing or even colours, strategical hanging is actually a thing. It might sound like just another dull household chore, but trust us, once you get used to closet organizers, you will wonder how you haven’t started with it earlier.

3. Try using the most out of your rooms

No closet space? No biggie. Consider using some of your other rooms in your home to store your stuff. For example your office. You can turn one entire side into a closet area. That way you won’t have to share storage space with anyone else other than yourself. 

Let’s begin: what are the best closet organizers for a neat and clutter-free home?

Thin hangers

It’s about time to switch to a better, more unified look and get rid of the plastic or deformed wire hangers. These thin hangers come in a set of 100 pieces which will not hurt your budget. Their velvety surface is here to ensure you that your clothes wouldn’t slip off, and they don’t have sharp corners so you won’t have to worry about dents on the shoulders of your blouses. Plus, they are very strong and durable, but are very thin at the same time. And believe it or not – these hangers will increase your closet space by as much as 50 percent! 

thin hangers for clothes
Thin hangers View on Amazon

Hanging shelves

If you are looking for a temporary shelving addition to your closet at a very reasonable price, definitely go for these. This hanging storage offers six shelves with a great load capacity. Even though it might seem that this storage item isn’t very durable, it proves to be quite the opposite. These shelves are perfectly designed to fit any folded clothes. The worst thing that might happen is that if you put too many heavy stuff inside, it may sag a little bit. 

hanging shelves
Hanging shelves View on Amazon

Shelf dividers

Yes, shelves are very handy closet organizers, but even when storing items on shelves, items can easily become chaotic. These shelf dividers are here to make sure everything stays in its place. T-shirts going into the blouses’ territory is no longer a thing if you use them!

shelf dividers
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Storage boxes

We had to include them on the list, even though you probably have at least a few around your home. They are a must, since let’s face it, closets get messy and storage boxes are here to keep things neat and organized at all times. You can find an array of different colours and sizes, and opt for storage boxes that fit your needs and style. What makes them so convenient is that they are light and can be easily carried around. Plus, you can use them for a variety of things, from clothing to toys and even food.

foldable storage boxes
Foldable storage boxes View on Amazon

Tip: If you are feeling creative and crafty, you don’t have to buy storage boxes. Instead, you can make your own, and stuff it with all of your favourite things. This way you can add a kind of a personality stamp to your storage items. 

Multi-level clothes hanger

This is an amazing way to save precious closet space, especially if you own a lot of trousers or jeans. So, what this multi-level hanger is all about is stacking a few pairs of slacks vertically, on one hanger. It’s really practical, since all of them are basically one on top of another, and it offers easy access to each pair. Many people say that it actually saved them a lot of time ironing, since the clothes are carefully organized in such a position that they don’t wrinkle. 

Drawer organizers

Yes, you heard us well. These items are not used only in the kitchen to separate different kinds of utensils. They are actually super practical kind of closet organizers and will help you organize even the messiest of drawers. What can be a worse way to ruin your bras than crushing them all together in a chaotic drawer? From now on, it will be super easy to keep your drawers neat and organized.

drawer organizers
Drawer organizers View on Amazon

Shoe pocket organizer

Who knew that the back of your closet door can be used as a storage space? Use your closet area to the maximum with this shoe pocket organizer and you will never have to worry about finding a proper place to stack your new pair of shoes. Actually, you can hang it on any door in the house, and the best thing about it is that you can keep your hats and accessories in it as well. Who would want some extra floor space? Take your door from ‘wasted space’ to a really practical storage area. 

Clothing rack

Whenever you are in doubt and in the need for extra closet space, here’s what you can do: extend your closet area to your bedroom. Not only is this clothing rack convenient and practical, it’s a fashionable addition to your closet storage as well! Why not turn your bedroom into a stylish place where you see your favourite pieces of clothing every day? Plus, this clothing rack comes with 4 wheels attached to the bottom, so moving your finest clothes around the house is now easier than ever. 

Storage chest

Ideal for storing clothes, linens, toys, you name it. And the best thing about it? You can use this storage chest as a footstool, seating, bed end even as a bench for guests. Who wouldn’t want a multi-purpose storage area which can be camouflaged into a seating area? It’s one of our favourites, since it’s one of the best and most effective ways to declutter your home. 

Towel rack

Not every one of us has a special towel closet or cupboard. This is where the towel rack comes in handy, since you can stack a few towels without taking up too much bathroom space. Besides, this rack comes with a small shelf where you can keep all sorts of shampoos, soaps, or cosmetics. 

Time to hit the ‘refresh’ button and turn your home into a clutter-free, neat space you will enjoy spending time in!

We understand that between the household chores, kids and the job, it’s very easy to let clutter just pile up before you know it. However, there is no better thing than the feeling of a neat and organized home and getting rid of things you have no use for.Remember: now is better than never, so it’s never too late to gather the energy to clean and reorganize your home. We hope that this list of closet organizers was helpful enough and will help you give your home the declutter and organization it truly deserves! 

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