25 May 2020
boy playing with a water gun

8 practical and fine outdoor games you can play with your family or friends

As summer is waiting just around the corner, it’s time to plan and prepare for the warmest months of the year. It isn’t only about escaping […]
25 May 2020
red screwdrivers

How to be handy around the house when you can barely hold a hammer

Do you think that most home repairs are ‘out of your league’, and think they should be left to a professional to fix? We are all […]
24 May 2020
6 eggs in a reusable box

Food storage: Learn how to store and keep food safe

‘You are what you eat’ we’ve all heard how important the food we consume is, but do we ever wonder if we are storing our food […]
24 May 2020
father with son cleaning mirror in bathroom

Clean home: Practical ways to keep your house clean at all times

Keeping a home neat and tidy requires a fair amount of work and dedication. Now let’s add a full-time job, taking care of the kids and […]
24 May 2020
girl reading lots of books looking anxious

Beat anxiety: 6 ways to deal with it naturally

Have you ever thought about the fast-paced lives we all live nowadays? The era of multitasking and information – just compare every thought or duty to […]
24 May 2020
woman on a bicycle in the city

7 practical ways to stay fit that don’t include going to the gym

Life is busy nowadays. Whether it’s responsibilities related to work, balancing between the house chores, taking care of the kids and in the meantime trying to […]
24 May 2020
woman dancing zumba

10 practical and fine things to do in your free time

Have you ever found yourself muttering ‘there just aren’t enough hours in the day’ at any point during your workday? Thanks to our constant responsibilities, meetings, […]
24 May 2020
meditating man wearing black cap with eyes closed under cloudy sky

The mindfulness trend: a practical and fine way to enhance your life

We live in a busy world. You must have caught yourself doing multiple tasks without realizing it. How many of you have been folding the laundry […]
24 May 2020
family making breakfast in the kitchen

Fun creative projects for the whole family while at home

Whether it’s rainy and grey outside or something unexpected occurs, there are days when we simply have to spend time at home. And even though alone […]
24 May 2020
Black-crested Texas titmouse at a bird feeder

How to wake up to bird songs even if you don’t have a big balcony

Some of you might think that if you want to enjoy waking up to the songs of birds, you need to live out near the forest […]
23 May 2020
girls flowing kites

9 practical and fine ideas for a staycation

As soon as the cold winter days are behind us, we start looking forward and plan our spring or summer vacation. Who wouldn’t wish to escape […]
31 March 2020
woman drawing smile on sunflower

9 practical and fine ways to stay optimistic and happy

All throughout life, in difficult situations we are being advised to ‘stay positive’. In fact, no matter what you do for a living or whenever you […]
3 November 2019
see through food containers

Reusable food containers: Why we can’t imagine our lives without them

Imagine this: it’s late at night, all the guests have left and you are feeling proud of yourself to have hosted the perfect dinner party. After […]
25 October 2019
woman holding black teacup with cappuccino

Coffee lovers: Learn the best ways to make coffee at home

Every coffee lover knows that a good cup of coffee in the morning can affect your whole day. Many of us are used to paying a […]
18 September 2019
female erotic pleasure

New generation of female-focused sexual health and wellness products

‘The future is female’ we see it in headlines, posters, even on designer clothes, it’s everywhere. Women are gaining more confidence and decide to step up […]
17 August 2019
brooklyn bridge new york

If you’re ever in New York… Things to try and see that don’t include the Statue of Liberty

‘The city that never sleeps’ – is what they say about one of the biggest cities in the USA, New York. Known for its diversity, this […]
9 August 2019
Outdoor Patio Fire Pit Heater

All seasons patio: how to accessorize your outdoor space for any season

When people decorate their patios, they very often think about how it would look like in the  summer. Just picture it: lying around in the garden […]
24 July 2019

Business travel: prepare and make the most out of your business trip

In the era of technology, communicating across different time zones is no news, and it’s become faster than ever. However, when it comes to sealing a […]